Tori Spelling Slammed after Posting Make up Free Video

Rebelander Basilan
May 11, 2019
10:44 A.M.
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Tori Spelling shared a make-up free video as she promoted a beauty product, but this didn’t sit well with some of her fans.


The “Scary Movie” star appeared make-up free in an Instagram video she shared on April 30.


"You were meant to read this and know that you are loved beyond measure. You are so special and so it’s worth it."

In the caption, she endorsed a skincare product saying it is a “must have” and admitted that she wants to “achieve that ageless, youthful glow.”

The Vitamin C serum product, she added, “is absolutely amazing for making my skin tight, smoothing out any fine lines and giving me that youthful plump look we all love.”

She described the product as having the “undeniable” ingredients, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and hibiscus.


“You’ll love having this in your routine,” she wrote and then proceeded to share how to get a 20 percent discount.


An Instagram user didn’t mince words with their commentary of Spelling’s product endorsement. “Stop selling crap!” commented user jillsadesigner.


Another criticism, from sanylangevin, reads, “That is not real work. It is sitting and introducing products and I am sure she doesn’t use everything. She needs to work on a budget and stick with it.”

Adoring fans, however, countered the negative commentaries with praises for the actress. “I love your voice! You should voice a Disney Princess or a children’s audiobook!” one fan quipped.



Another user defended Spelling against her critics, writing, “The hateful comments are disgusting. Some people really are shallow if they think that having money at your disposal is the equivalent to having a perfect life. The people with more money are just as susceptible to having unhappiness in their lives as everyone else is.”


One user opted to write an inspirational note: "To anyone who is struggling to believe that they are good enough please know you are good enough and that God has made you perfect. No. Mistake! There is no one else like you. You reading this right now is no mistake.

"You were meant to read this and know that you are loved beyond measure. You are so special and so it’s worth it. Sometimes it takes us a whole life time to realize our self-worth but every one of us is just as important as anyone else. Love each other and lift each other up any chance you can.”

Spelling seems already immune to public criticisms. She recently became the subject of “mom-shaming” after sharing a photo of her four older children on Instagram.