Grandma Duggar faces unpleasant questions after posing with nerf guns (photo)

Pedro Marrero
Apr 25, 2018
10:20 P.M.
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A TBT picture of Grandma Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting fame sparked a wave of negative comments criticizing the untimely post, too close to a very sad date for the U.S.


On April 19 an apparently innocent photo of 73-year-old ‘Grandma’ Mary Duggar posing with a pair of Nerf guns and wearing a full set of gear for the toy guns was shared by the Duggar Family Official Facebook page that received serious backlash by anti-gun users.

April 20 marked the anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre, which took place in 1999.

13 people were killed in the infamous shooting that prompted a heated debate over gun control laws and the culture of violence in the US, a debate that is now as relevant as ever.

According to In Touch Weekly, many were outraged by the post, which they considered insensible and a terrible example for the children and the families that, consciously or not, keep ‘encouraging gunplay in this day and age,’ as one disgruntled user wrote.


While many people seemed to enjoy the photo, there were many others who didn’t find anything to laugh about in the image.

The discussion about gun control filled the comment section of the post, and many others pointed out to what they consider contradictions in the Duggar’s moral code.

Some users were critical of the importance they give to absurd rules like not allowing dancing or hanging around unwed mothers but didn’t mind their children entertain themselves mimicking military-style assault weapons.

Even though the photo was uploaded the day before the anniversary of the school shooting, some users denounced the Duggar’s alleged indifference about the much-criticized cultural affinity of most Americans to firearms.

‘That's a funny photo but when I read of shootings and incidents with weapons again I can not find it at all funny!’ wrote one of the fans of the reality TV family.