Morris Chestnut's daughter, 20, flaunts her curves in tiny pink top and black miniskirt in new pic

May 06, 2018
07:12 A.M.
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- Morris Chesnut is a handsome African American actor better known for his role in the ‘90s film ‘Boyz N The Hood’ and also for his starring role of pathologist Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr. in the Fox TV series ‘Rosewood.’


- Chesnut is one of the most private actors out there, but everyone knows he has a beautiful family, and his daughter is a grown-up lady that is making her way in the entertainment industry too.


AmoMama was lurking around Morris Chestnut’s Instagram account and we stumbled upon his daughter’s account so we had to share with you just how gorgeous the young lady has grown to be in the last years.

Morris has been married to Pam Chestnut since 1995, and they have two grown-up beautiful kids together, son Grant and daughter Paige, who graduated from high school two years ago and is now pursuing a career in the modeling world.


The 20-years-old beauty is now a college student and Morris revealed in an interview at the Ellen DeGeneres show that his wife decorated his daughter’s dorm room like it was the Four Seasons, and he had to pay for everything.

A year before Paige went away for college and started her career as a model, the ‘Rosewood’ star visited Wendy Williams on her show, and while talking about how difficult it is to raise teenagers, he shared with the audience what he and Pam have learned through the years.


He said:

‘We realize as parents they’re going to make mistakes and you just have to be there for them when they do, you still try to guide them and still certain values and beliefs in them, and they’re going to go out and make mistakes and they’re going to go out and do the right thing and that’s what it is.’


While Grant, Paige’s older brother has kept a low profile, the young lady is already Instagram famous, as she shares daily photos from her shoots wearing incredible looks and she also made her debut in the runaway by walking to some brands in the LA Fashion Week.

Paige is splitting her time between school and the modeling world, and she surely has her parents support as she makes her way into the entertainment industry, following the steps of her famous dad.


Morris is an amazing dad and an even more incredible husband, as he’s made sure to let respect and love be the guide for his 20 years old relationship with Pam.

Do you think Paige looks like her handsome father?

Source: Instagram