Sometimes dogs can throw a hilarious tantrum that's better than any child's

When something doesn't go their way, children are not the only ones prone to little fits of rage; dogs are also capable of throwing a funny tantrum when they became frustrated.

In this video, which was shared on Facebook about a year ago, the dog named Gregory can be seen throwing a tantrum because his owner wouldn't put gravy on top of his food.

Another video shows Dinky, the Great Dane starts throwing a little tantrum when he sees his owner Ron Cameron eating a sandwich that looked too tempting to pass up.

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When Dinky begs Cameron to let him have a bite of the sandwich, the latter just ignores him. However, the dog won't take "no" for an answer.

Soon enough, the two are having a quite funny back-and-forth argument. Though it takes a little while, Dinky eventually gets a treat.

But it looks like Cameron's lunch is not going to be peaceful that day because a little later, Dinky's brothers Romeo and Peanut also join in.

According to Friends Of The Dog, a puppy's tantrum is not actually funny and must be addressed quickly to guarantee that it will not happen again.

If the pup is throwing a tantrum, the owner should hold onto it as calmy and quietly as possible.

When the puppy has settled, praise it both verbally and giving a treat. Then release the pup in a happy tone of voice before telling it to go and play.

If the pup is still throwing tantrums on a regular basis, it's better to consult a qualified behavior consultant because something is wrong. Further help is needed this time.

A better resource for qualified canine behaviorists is

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