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Welcome to NEWS.AMOMAMA.COM! Our multimedia platform, which was launched in 2017, aims to motivate and inspire by telling the stories that matter.

Every day we work hard to make our content quality higher and more relevant for our audience. Our team is a group of professionals, who are fully engaged in all content creating a process and devote themselves to serve the needs of our readers.

Our values and standards

Readers First

Our readers are our number one priority.


Zero tolerance for fake or false news.


We pride ourselves on bringing the most relevant entertainment stories to our readers worldwide.


Non-political, independent, nonpartisan.

Here at NEWS.AMOMAMA.COM, we believe nonpartisan and transparent fact-checking can be a powerful instrument of media accountability.

150 professionals

Our team consists of over 120 people including video creators, designers, and administrative staff. We also have over 40 writers working hard to create the best reader-driven content for women.

Together we source information from all over the world to provide over 21 million women with authentic, honest, and exciting stories. We currently publish content in 4 languages: French, German, English, and Spanish.



Photo of Karu Fernandez

Karu Fernandez

News Researcher

Photo of Alejandra Quintero

Alejandra Quintero

Entertainment Editor

Photo of Diego Rivera Diaz

Diego Rivera Diaz

Late Night Editor

Photo of Marianne Carolina Guzman Gamboa

Marianne Carolina Guzman Gamboa

News editor

Photo of Valeria Garvett

Valeria Garvett

Breaking News Editor

Photo of Georgimar Coronil

Georgimar Coronil

Late Night Editor

Photo of Rebelander Basilan

Rebelander Basilan

Late Night Editor

Photo of Quentin Autier

Quentin Autier

French News Manager

Photo of Maren Zimmermann

Maren Zimmermann

German News Manager

Photo of Vanessa Guzmán

Vanessa Guzmán

Horoscope Hunter

Photo of Manuela Cardiga

Manuela Cardiga


Photo of Fabricio Ojeda

Fabricio Ojeda

Entertainment Editor

Photo of Pedro Marrero

Pedro Marrero

Late Night Editor

Photo of Junie Sihlangu

Junie Sihlangu

Breaking News Writer

Photo of Edduin Carvajal

Edduin Carvajal

Breaking News Editor

Photo of Maria Varela

Maria Varela

Celebrities Editor

Photo of Iana Legland

Iana Legland

Breaking News Writer

Photo of Monica Otayza

Monica Otayza

Entertainment Editor

Photo of Anna Tsybko

Anna Tsybko

Managing Editor

Photo of Liana Ratsiorimanana

Liana Ratsiorimanana

French writer

Photo of Guerry Naissant

Guerry Naissant

Entertainment Editor

Photo of Cynthia Rita

Cynthia Rita

News editor

Photo of Mary Scott

Mary Scott

Entertainment Editor

Photo of Stef Colina

Stef Colina

Breaking News Editor

Photo of Odette Odendaal

Odette Odendaal

News Editor

Photo of María Alejandra Salas Alvarado

María Alejandra Salas Alvarado

News Editor

Photo of Sedera Raliniainjanahary

Sedera Raliniainjanahary

Breaking News Writer

Photo of José Augustin

José Augustin

Entertainment Editor

Photo of Oyin Balogun

Oyin Balogun

News Editor

Photo of Comfort Omovre

Comfort Omovre

News Editor

Photo of Gracious Egedegbe

Gracious Egedegbe

News Editor

Photo of Jacques Ronny

Jacques Ronny

News Editor

Photo of Kareena Koirala

Kareena Koirala

Entertainment Editor

Photo of Bettina Dizon

Bettina Dizon

News Editor

Photo of Joe Akins

Joe Akins

Entertainment Editor

Photo of Olowokandi Fiyin

Olowokandi Fiyin

Celebrities Editor

Photo of Afouda Fortune

Afouda Fortune


Photo of Cathya Harena Raoelina

Cathya Harena Raoelina


Photo of Pauline Nadege Eyebe

Pauline Nadege Eyebe

French Writer

Photo of Melanie Geffroy

Melanie Geffroy


Photo of Leo Chiu

Leo Chiu


Photo of Eteme Severine Celestine

Eteme Severine Celestine


Photo of Mayra Pérez

Mayra Pérez


Photo of Brittany Chalmers

Brittany Chalmers


Photo of Michael Markus Mvondo

Michael Markus Mvondo


Photo of Olawale Ogunjimi

Olawale Ogunjimi


Photo of Lois Oladejo

Lois Oladejo


Photo of Busayo Ogunjimi

Busayo Ogunjimi


Photo of Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson


Photo of Kagweni Micheni

Kagweni Micheni

News Writer

Photo of Christell Fatima M. Tudtud

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud

News Writer

Photo of Ankita Gulati

Ankita Gulati


Photo of Edita Mesic

Edita Mesic


Photo of Afouda Bamidele

Afouda Bamidele

News Writer

Photo of Cathrine Mabvudza

Cathrine Mabvudza

News Writer

Photo of Gaone Pule

Gaone Pule

News Writer

Photo of Laura Beatham

Laura Beatham


Photo of Mabale Moloi

Mabale Moloi

News Writer

Photo of Annette Shadeya

Annette Shadeya

News Writer

Photo of Jené Liebenberg

Jené Liebenberg


Photo of Dayna Remus

Dayna Remus


Photo of Esther NJeri

Esther NJeri


Photo of Sonali Bharadwaj

Sonali Bharadwaj


Photo of Roshanak Hannani

Roshanak Hannani


Photo of Camila Santiago

Camila Santiago


Photo of Siba Mosana

Siba Mosana


Photo of Ayesha Muhammad

Ayesha Muhammad


Photo of Titi Dokubo

Titi Dokubo


Photo of Rita Kumar

Rita Kumar


Photo of Salwa Nadeem

Salwa Nadeem





As a company, we aspire to provide balanced, transparent, and accurate information across all of our platforms. We follow stringent guidelines to ensure we create high-quality entertainment content.

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