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Relationship May 25, 2019
How Donald & Melania's Relationship Has Changed According to a Body Language Expert
Donald Trump and Melania's marriage has always been under public scrutiny with many speculating on the state of things. A body language expert explains how things stand between the first couple.
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TV May 24, 2019
James Holzhauer’s Wife Melissa Sassin Was a Competitor on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?'
James Holzhauer stunned fans of “Jeopardy” when he smashed its single-game record. But his wife shares his love for game shows as she once became a successful game show contestant herself.
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Music May 24, 2019
Here's Why Donny Osmond's Parents 'Were Told to Stop Having Kids' after Their Two Sons Were Born
The musical Osmond’s make up an entire family that grew up performing and singing, but Donny Osmond once told how none of that would have happened had his parents listened to advice after their first two children were born.
Parenting May 24, 2019
Man Decides to Leave the Wife He’s Been Married to for 50 Years
One day a man calls his eldest son to tell him about a very important decision and wants to tell him how it will surely affect him. The son listens carefully assuring him that he has his full attention.
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Music May 25, 2019
Woman, 92, Never Imagined Willie Nelson Would Actually Sing the Song She Wrote
Lyndel Rhodes, well past her prime, never thought it possible to have one of her handwritten songs become famous thanks to a world-famous country singer.
People May 24, 2019
Kristy McNichol's Troubled Life with Bipolar Disorder, the Death of a Lover and Bankruptcy
Kristy McNichol lived the life of an adult celebrity though she was only 14 when she found her way into stardom. She knew something was wrong, but only got answers to her questions later on in life. 
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Relationship May 25, 2019
30-Year Friendship: How Lucille Ball Became a Mentor to Carol Burnett
Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett met in 1959 and stayed friends till 1989, the year Lucile died. Over the years, Carol Burnett has helped paved the way for a lot of female comedians and show presenters.
Jokes May 24, 2019
After 20 Years of Marriage, a Wife Takes Her Husband to a Strip Club for His Birthday
The truth always comes out one way or another, as one husband found out in today’s joke of the day after a birthday present from his wife revealed his secret.
TV May 24, 2019
Cote de Pablo to Return in Season 17 Premiere of NCIS
De Pablo’s character Ziva David’s shocking return to the series in Season 16’s finale after long believed to be dead will be further explained in the upcoming season’s premiere.
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TV May 24, 2019
Lucille Ball's Second Cousin Suzan Died Six Months after Her 21st Birthday
Lucille Ball made a name for herself as the lovable and crazy Lucy Ricardo, as a talented actress and singer she soon became a household name. While her second cousin Suzan Ball followed in her footsteps, her career and life came to a tragic stop before it even properly began.
Trump May 24, 2019
Tiffany Trump's Trip to Cannes Reportedly Cost US Taxpayers about $20,000
The First Daughter of the US, Tiffany Trump spent three days in France with her boyfriend. It appears her visit for the Cannes Film Festival was at a cost to American taxpayers.
Jokes May 25, 2019
Wife Tells Her Husband She’s Afraid of Getting Old
A woman complained to her husband about getting old and his response was almost on point in this joke of the day.  "Harry!" Mary called out to her husband of 20 years. "I need to do something! I can't handle getting old!" 
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TV May 25, 2019
Beth Chapman Praises Leland's Support after Lyssa Snubbed Her on Mother’s Day
Beth Chapman has had a difficult season in the last months and needs all the support possible to cope with the tough battle she is fighting. She has had the support of her fans but has been put aside for one of her children.
TV May 25, 2019
Loren Brovarnik of '90 Day Fiancé' Gets Candid about Feeling 'Free' While Having Tourette Syndrome
Loren Brovarnik revealed for the first time to the world that she had Tourette's syndrome in 2016, while she was part of the television show 90 Day Fiancé from TLC. Until then, very few people knew the truth of their tics and just talking about it was very difficult for her.
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Viral Stories May 24, 2019
82-Year-Old Widow Faces Losing $3.17M Farm after a 6-Year Court Battle with Her Daughter
An inter-generational legal battle over a family’s 220-acre dairy farm may lead to the 82-year-old millionaire farmer’s widow losing her livelihood.
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People May 24, 2019
John Travolta Discusses His Bald Head with Grownup Daughter Ella Bleu
John Travolta and his look-alike daughter appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" where they discussed his bald head while revealing some father-daughter secrets.
Relationship May 17, 2019
Husband Explains to His Wife Why He Is Having an Affair with Another Woman
Cheating spouses are never funny, and they all come out with crazy excuses about why they were tricked, coerced, forced, conned into it. Nobody likes to accept blame. But the fellow in this story makes a convincing argument!
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Relationship May 25, 2019
Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Hold Hands During Family Visit to Knott's Berry Farm
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani held onto each other during their visit to Knott's Berry Farm in the company of her three children; it revealed a lot about the state of their relationship.
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Health May 24, 2019
Mary Tyler Moore Reportedly Discovered She Had a Learning Disability in Her Fifties
TV personality, Mary Tyler Moore, once revealed challenges she went through during childhood as a result of learning disabilities. The late On-Screen star carved a niche for herself in Hollywood from being a dancer, an actress, and a producer.
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Parenting May 25, 2019
Beth Chapman Slams Stepdaughter Lyssa for Snubbing Her on Mother's Day
Reality star, Beth Chapman came for her step-daughter, Lyssa, on Twitter, slamming her for not sending her a Mother's Day message amid other accusations.
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Jokes May 24, 2019
An Old Man Has Trouble Making Love to His Wife Due to Impotency
The devil is in the details - as the saying goes, and in today’s joke of the day, an old man learned that lesson the hard way. He became so focused on the result that he forgot how to make it happen.