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Hollywood Sep 22, 2021
Darla Hood Died from Post-op Complications in 1979 – Billie 'Buckwheat' Thomas Was Heartbroken & Died the Next Year
Despite living a happy life and enjoying a successful career, Darla Hood died in tragic circumstances due to a heart failure caused by a doctor's mistake.
Inspirational Stories Sep 23, 2021
Girl's Future in-Laws Ban Her Dad with Disability from Her Wedding and Get Taught a Lesson — Story of the Day
Stella’s mother-in-law, Mrs. Anna Perkins, didn’t want her disabled father to attend the wedding because everyone would see his hand. She didn’t defend him at first, but then, Mrs. Perkins went too far.
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Hollywood Sep 24, 2021
Steve McQueen’s Serial Infidelity Saved His Life in 1969 When He Did Not Go to the Dinner Where Sharon Tate Was Killed
One of the most remarkable faces and screen presences in Hollywood of all times, Steve McQueen scaped being murder by Charles Manson’s followers because he “ran into a chickie.”
Inspirational Stories Sep 24, 2021
Little Child Disappears from a Plane during a Flight, Then Poor Mom Discovers the Truth — Story of the Day
A woman claimed that her daughter disappeared mysteriously during the flight. Passengers began mocking the mother, claiming she had gone nuts. But then, she discovered something that proved she was right…
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Musicians Sep 24, 2021
Rapper Big L Was Tragically Killed at Just 24 in 1999 – Years Later History Repeated Itself
Rapper Big L met his untimely death at 24 after being shot by an assailant. Years later, his accused murderer met his own end in very similar circumstances. 
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Viral Sep 22, 2021
Woman Trying to Lose Weight Is on the Verge of Death after GP Tells Her to 'Go Home and Take Paracetamol'
A woman from Birmingham, England survived a near-death experience following her weight loss surgery in hopes of starting a family with her partner back in January 2017. 
Viral Sep 10, 2021
34-Year-Old Mom Banned from Going to Son’s School Due to Her Revealing Outfit
Mom-of-three, Isabel Castro, was furious when her son’s school stopped her from entering a meeting because of her low neckline top. Here's what happened.
Inspirational Stories Sep 23, 2021
Dad Kicks His Own Son Out of the House Due To Disgusting Gift He Gave His Stepbrother — Story of the Day
I kicked my arrogant son out of the house after he gave a disgusting gift to his stepbrother. What I did was absolutely right. My arrogant son deserved it.
Inspirational Stories Sep 22, 2021
Son Orders to Demolish House with His Mom Still inside If She Refuses to Leave — Story of the Day
An elderly woman's heart is broken when her only son is determined to sell her house after she signed it over to him and shows up with a demolition crew
Viral Sep 22, 2021
Days before Woman Wins Lottery Jackpot, Her Husband Almost Ruins Her Dream
A couple was so close to pulling in a ridiculous amount of money that could change their lives forever. However, if a wife had listened to her naysayer husband, they might have just missed this miracle by a mere inch. 
Viral Sep 22, 2021
Family Time in a Restaurant Turns to Hell as Another Woman Throws Fit over Their Kids Laughing
With a red face of fury, a woman had a shockingly aggressive reaction to autistic children at a restaurant. Many were beyond enraged, labeling her as ableist and discriminatory. 
Viral Sep 22, 2021
Couple Divorce after 16 Years of Marriage When He Shares a Deep Secret
Matthew and Jessica Turner opened up about why their marriage ended and how they continued to co-parent their children. Here's more about their story.
Inspirational Stories Sep 23, 2021
Mom Uses Her Poor Daughter in Wheelchair to Make Money, Soon the Greedy Woman Regrets It — Story of the Day
I was fed up with my mother profiting off my illness to fulfill her desires. So I confronted her one day. Little did I know that day would disclose another dark secret my mother had kept concealed for so long.
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Hollywood Sep 24, 2021
Karyn Parsons AKA Hilary Banks of ‘Fresh Prince’ Has 2 Kids with Talented Film Director Alexandre Rockwell – Meet Him
Karyn Parsons, the young woman who wowed everyone with her refreshingly honest, witty personality and a great love for her onscreen family in "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," is now a mother to two kids and loving wife to the renowned director Alexandre Rockwell.
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Musicians Sep 24, 2021
Meet Singer Prince’s Last Girlfriend Judith Hill Who Was 25 Years Younger than Him
The talented singer and performer, Prince would forever be remembered as the eccentric star who redefined rock music onstage. He was involved with many women, one of which was Judith Hill, his much younger lover- meet her.
Hollywood Sep 24, 2021
Don Lemon Was Once Slammed for His Luxurious Lifestyle — Look inside His $4.3 Million Mansion with Fiancé Tim
CNN anchor Don Lemon has always been criticized and scrutinized for his luxurious lifestyle and mansion. Here, we look at his lifestyle, his fiance Tim Malone, and a look into his mansion.
Sep 23, 2021
Woman Takes Out the Trash, When She Returns, Her Kids Are Gone — Story of the Day
A woman comes back from taking out the trash to discover that her children are gone, taken by her husband who claims custody so he won't have to pay child support
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Hollywood Sep 24, 2021
Little House on the Prairie' Star Richard Bull Became Actor by an Accident as He Never Gave 'a Serious Consideration' of It
Richard Bull played shopkeeper Nels Nelson on "Little House on the Prairie," His strong character and astute judgment saw him solve misunderstandings, especially with his wife, with fairness and grace. 
Viral Sep 22, 2021
Man Walks through Cemetery, Suddenly Notices 'Human Hair' Poking Out of a Grave
A man found human hair sticking out of a century-old grave during his walk at Saint Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery and caught it all on camera. Here's what happened.
Inspirational Stories Sep 14, 2021
Baby Cries All Day No Matter What Mom Does, Then She Checks His Diaper and Is Shocked — Story of the Day
A little boy's grandfather's hobby causes a conflict in the family, but he refuses to yield until he realizes his grandson's health may be in danger due to his selfishness
Inspirational Stories Aug 30, 2021
Son Gets Humiliated Bringing Mom as His Date to Prom, Then His Classmates Learn a Lesson - Story of the Day
A boy's classmates were taught a lesson after they humiliated him for bringing his mother as his date to prom night without knowing there was an important reason behind it.