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People Jul 20, 2019
Don Johnson's Son Jesse Shares a Photo Taken with His Grandpa & Sisters
In a rare photo, Jesse Johnson remembered the "progenitor of cool" with a sweet picture of him and his siblings and their late grandfather. Don Johnson, best known in the 80s for the hit series "Miami Vice,"
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People Jul 19, 2019
Meet Chelsea Clinton's Husband Marc Mezvinsky
Former President Bill Clinton’s son-in-law, Marc Mezvinky may not like the spotlight, but he is “a great human being,” making waves in the financial sector.
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Relationship Jul 20, 2019
Lisa Whelchel of 'Facts of Life' Fame Compares Daughter’s Wedding Photo to Her Childhood Pic
Time flies! The actress, best known for her role as Blair in the popular comedy “Facts of Life”, compared her daughter Clancy Cauble’s wedding pictures to a childhood photo of herself.
Jokes Jul 15, 2019
Daily Joke: Bride Demands $20 from Husband for Love-Making
Marriages are usually based on love and trust, and finances shouldn't be mixed into the equation. The woman in the following fictitious story had either a great idea or was soliciting for over 30 years! 
TV Jul 18, 2019
Ozzie Nelson's Struggles in His Final Months
The Nelson family became a television staple during the 1950s in “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,” but in 1975 their real-life adventures as a family came to an end when patriarch Ozzie Nelson died after a long illness.
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TV May 30, 2019
Duane Chapman’s Grandchild Dakota Is All Grown up as He Shares an Adorable New Photo with His Son
There is nothing that makes a man more proud than seeing his grandchildren growing up tall and healthy, except maybe watching the same but on his great-grandchildren.
Jokes Jul 15, 2019
Daily Joke: Little Man Comes into the Bar Looking for the Owner of the Doberman Tied Outside
A shy little man walked into a biker bar wondering who had tied a massive Doberman to the meter outside. The man, quite nervous given his little stature compared to the other men that frequent the bar timidly spoke up as soon as he made his entry into the Bronx biker bar.
Relationship Jun 18, 2019
JLo Praises Ex-Husband on Father’s Day, Thanking Him for Their Beautiful Coconut Twins
The 49-year-old screen diva, Jennifer Lopez celebrates her former husband, Marc Anthony, on Father's day with sweet and admirable words!
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Trump Jul 19, 2019
Inside Kellyanne and George Conway’s 17-Year Marriage that Has Become a Symbol of Controversy
The marriage between the political advisor to the US President, and her husband, a conservative lawyer, don’t see eye to eye when it comes to the Trump Administration but they have worked it out up until now.
Popular Jul 21, 2019
Snoop Dogg's Wife and Daughter 'Look the Same Age' in Stunning Photo
Snoop Dogg’s wife, Shante Broadus, and their youngest daughter Cori look like siblings in a new picture shared by the rapper on Instagram and fans can’t stop gushing about them.
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Relationship Jul 13, 2019
Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Celebrate Their 37th Anniversary with a Fun Instagram Post
"The Talk" co-host Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy are marking 37 years of marriage, and the famous television host celebrated the special event on Instagram with a sweet snap.
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People Jul 20, 2019
Life and Struggles of 'Trapper John, M.D.' Actor Gregory Harrison
Gregory Harrison went through a lot of personal struggles to get where he is today. His way out of the darkness was through his own personal convictions. Actor Gregory Harrison has been in the game for several years
People Jul 20, 2019
Alec Baldwin's Daughter Ireland Posts Racy Photo of Herself and Her Uncle Billy Reacts: 'Awkward'
Ireland Baldwin, the daughter of Hollywood's famous, Alec Baldwin recently updated her Instagram with an image of herself, and her Uncle's comment is unexpected.
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Celebs Jul 16, 2019
Harrison Ford Is a Proud Father to His 5 Kids - Meet the ‘Indiana Jones’ Star’s Happy Family
Away from a career as one of Hollywood's greatest stars, Harrison Ford is a nice family man. Here's an insight into this great icon's family
Jokes Jul 20, 2019
Daily Joke: A Man in a Bar Sees a Friend at a Table, Drinking by Himself
A man enters a bar and sees a friend sitting at a table, drinking alone. When he approaches his friend, he says: "Friend, you look terrible, what's wrong, what's the problem?"
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TV Jul 19, 2019
Story of 'Saturday Night Live' Actor Phil Hartman's 10-Year Marriage That Ended in His Tragic Death
While opposites often attract, Phil Hartman’s marriage to Brynn Omdahl turned into a boiling pot of insecurity and intimidation that tragically ended in bloodshed and their children orphaned.
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Relationship Jul 19, 2019
Lucille Ball's Daughter Announces Birth of Her Grandson (Photos)
Popular Actress, Lucille Ball’s daughter announced the birth of her grandson with cute photos on Facebook, and the little boy is the famous comedian’s great-grandson.
Entertainment Jul 09, 2019
Snoop Dogg's Wife Is a Gorgeous 'Nigerian Girl' in Purple Head Wrap & Hoops
Snoop Dogg’s wife, Shante Broadus, looks stunning in a new set of pics shared to her Instagram, as she channels her best “Nigerian Girl.” The celebrity couple is still going strong, as Snoop recently reminded his followers.
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Relationship Jul 20, 2019
Melissa Gilbert’s Husband Timothy Busfield Praised for Cooking for Her Youngest Son Michael (Photo)
Actress Melissa Gilbert’s fans went on a frenzy after the actress posted a few photos of her husband cooking for her son, Michael Boxleitner, on Instagram. Timothy Busfield is a dream husband!
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People Jul 19, 2019
Ron Howard Shares Photos of Daughter Paige & Son Reed Holding His Grandchild
Ron Howard's son Reed Howard posted the sweetest photo of him doing his fatherly duties to Instagram. Reed Howard, 33, is the golfer son of the famous Ron Howard, who co-starred in hits films including "Apollo 13,"
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Relationship Jul 19, 2019
John Wayne and His Second Wife Esperanza Baur's Troubled Relationship
John Wayne was a brilliant actor best remembered for his embodiment of a strong cowboy and his contribution to Indians genre. The actor’s off-screen life was equally defining of his existence.