our mission

Our mission

Amomama Publishing started as a small news portal in 2017 with a goal to attract an audience with quality news. But as social media has become a platform to engage with various forms of content, the Amo Publishing team found a need for quality content for women on Facebook. This inspired the idea to create an online magazine for women, but Amo had a bigger purpose. It became a colossal entertainment media that attracted over 35 million visitors from America to Western Europe a month.

Amomama Publishing's mission is to create stories that add value, inspire, motivate and make the world a better place one story at a time. We want our publication to be where readers feel appreciated and free to share their stories. This platform was created specifically to build genuine human interactions with the art of writing.

Amomama Publishing's growth has been exponential, and today it is a part of AMO - an international IT company that creates products and stories for millions of people. AMO also consists of two more teams, Amo Pictures, and Amo Apps.

Our values and standards

Readers First

Our readers are our number one priority, and we are constantly working on understanding our audience and finding innovative ways to create content that meets their needs. We call this "reader-first."


Amomama Publishing is all about integrity, meaning there is no room for fake news. We want our readers to not only be entertained but informed with news that is factual at all times.


We do not want any stone left unturned, so we always prioritize openness with our readers. We value open communication and transparency with our audience to help us improve our articles as best as we can.


Our content at Amo is non-political, independent, and nonpartisan. Our readers must know that we are a publication with no censorship. We are aware that we are responsible for delivering factual and unbiased news.