August 15, 2018

Man put behind bars for the horrific abuse of his girlfriend's three children

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A Missouri man was arrested after authorities learned that he had been physically abusing his girlfriend’s three children. Reports revealed the children – two boys and a girl - were beaten, starved, and locked in closets.

On July 31, police from the Pettis County charged James Hays Jr., 48, with three counts of abuse or neglect of a child. KCTV5 reported he is being held on a $1 million bond.

The children are allegedly ages 12, nine, and eight. They were taken to a hospital by their relative in July after the family member noticed large bruises on their bodies.

According to reports, the three children had been suffering from such a horrifying abuse for four years.


Source: Freepik

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Speaking with FOX4, the children’s mother claimed she tried to run away from her husband 30 or 40 times for the past couple of years.

It was only until mid-July that she was able to make Hays fall into unconsciousness, and only then did she and her kids have the chance to escape to their neighbor’s house.

Once she knew they were safe, the mother immediately contacted her sister for help.


As revealed in a probable cause statement, the children allegedly told the investigators that they experienced terrible abuse from Hays.

He would reportedly kick them, not give them food, and at times, make them eat hot peppers.

The 12-year-old also said to the police that Hays forced them to sleep in a bathroom for the past four years.


As for the nine-year-old, the child said the suspect would “kick them, make them do punishments and drown them” every time their mother was not in their house.

According to the statement, the three children were interviewed at the Child Safe of Central Missouri on July 27.

Another child abuse case was also reported on August 14, where five children were rescued from a couple who let them live in an unsanitary home. The report also revealed that two of the kids were physically abused.