August 17, 2018

Family of six live and travel full time in a tiny Airstream trailer

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Jonathan and Ashley Longnecker and their four children live and travel full time in a 220-square-foot vintage Airstream trailer.

For the family of six, the tiny Airstream trailer with a backyard that changes as they travel the country is a dream home. They toured from California to Tennessee and everywhere in between.

But the Longneckers didn't originate with the Vintage Airstream. In an interview with Popsugar, the family shared that back in May 2015 they traded in their home for a Grand Design Reflection RV.

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The family began their new life on the road. They later realized that it was "too big and too comfortable."

"We thought we'd be in that forever," they said. "There was plenty of space; the kids even had their own room with a door! However, after the first year, we just realized that it was too big and too comfortable. I mean, it had a fireplace!"

The Longnecker family then traded it for a 1972 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht trailer. They remodeled the vintage trailer into a modern multi-tasking space.

The result is what they name their "Tiny Shiny Home," also the name of their website. They stated that living with six people in a 220-square-foot trailer comes with its fair share of trials.



They told Popsugar: "Cooking is a little tricky, and there are definitely days where Jonathan has trouble focusing on work."

But most of the family's challenges aren't really in the trailer.

"They usually have to do with vehicle maintenance — we've spent a fortune in truck repairs — and deciding where we go next. There are so many options! Timing everything just right for weather and crowds can get daunting," they revealed.

However, Jonathan, Ashley, and their children - Adali, 12; Jett, 11; Jax, 8; and Ada, 6, decided to focus on the advantages of their unique arrangement.


"We get to pick where we want to live for the week. Mountains, forests, ocean views, deserts, hot springs out the back door . . . our options are endless," they said.

This year, the family began in Arizona. They then made their way to Minnesota.

They shared on their website: “We are currently on a quest to explore the country, simplify our lives and give our kids unforgettable experiences instead of disposable things."

The Longnecker family's goal is to inspire other people “to take a chance, question the norm, and do something different.”