Melania Trump's horrified reaction after shaking Putin's hand goes viral (video)

Melania Trump’s reaction when she shook hands and greeted Russian President Vladimir Putin after she was introduced to him by her husband, President Trump, has caught everyone’s attention. 

Melania and her husband Donald Trump were in Helsinki on July 16, 2018, for the Helsinki Summit, the last leg of a week-long European tour. 

The First couple also visited England and Scotland, before they arrived in Finland. 

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Daily Mail uploaded the video on YouTube, and it drew varied responses from netizens around the world for the expression that the first lady gave after she shook hands with the Russian President.

The footage shows Melina standing beside President Trump while he greets President Putin. She then welcomes President herself and is seen smiling all through the handshake.

With the pleasantries out the way, she steps back and looks over the room with a terrified expression on her face. 

Some people had hilarious reasons to give for the way she reacted, and others felt sorry for her. 

KT CounterIntelligence tweeted saying, "Watch Melania's face and body language after shaking Putin's hand. She is scared to death of him."

Another user, VJ, wanted to know if there was a dentist who could do an assessment.

Melania, 48, has often been trolled for the way she behaves when she is on official engagements with her husband, particularly incidents that involve handshakes.

The video of her also drew comparisons to a similar reaction she had during President Trump's inauguration.

In the video, Melania was captured smiling at her husband, when he turned back and looked at the people standing behind him at the podium. 

She smiled brightly at her husband, but her face seemed to fall the moment Trump turned his back on her. 

If looked carefully at the video, it seemed like President Trump was not making eye contact with the First Lady at all. He was looking at his daughter Ivanka who was standing right behind Melania. 

Ivanka can be seen giving a wide grin to her father before he turns back and faces the audience.  

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