Fragile grandmother steps onto stage and performs like a true rockstar

We are used to judging people according to their appearance, we believe that someone who looks like this would never do certain kinds of things, but we could not be more wrong.

An old lady taught everybody in the program "Britain's Got Talent" that we should not sentence a book for its cover and we shouldn’t judge people for the way they look.

Her name is Jenny Darren and, as you can see in this Youtube video, she stood before a jury as a shy retired 68-year-old woman, at the time wearing a long, disheveled skirt, an ugly blouse with floral print and a thin sweater

She told Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams that she was from the Cotswolds and that she was retired. "Are you doing this because you think you can win the show?" Cowell asked skeptically. "Absolutely," Darren replied, "of course".

While the judges of the program give her the pass to begin her performance, Jenny started to undress before the public and the cameras, at first nobody understands what happens and their faces of impact were impossible to hide.

Source: YouTube/Britain's Got Talent

Source: YouTube/Britain's Got Talent

Beneath the boring disguise, Jenny wore a black translucent T-shirt, a short, tight leather skirt, a red stocking and high black leather boots, just like a Rock Star.

In the background, the iconic AC / DC song began to play and the spectators simply went crazy, the woman not only looked spectacular, but her great talent for singing is also from another planet.

Source: YouTube/Britain's Got Talent

Source: YouTube/Britain's Got Talent

Jenny started dancing around the stage and when she started singing she showed that she had the talent to match the level of confidence that she had just demonstrated.

By the time she got to the choir, the whole crowd was singing along with her, and even Cowell was dancing to the music. Jenny took over the stage and the jury applauded her with great enthusiasm.

Source: YouTube/Britain's Got Talent

Source: YouTube/Britain's Got Talent

At the end of the amazing performance, the entire audience, including the judges, stood up and offered an incredible round of applause. With her rock soul and great voice, the 68-year-old woman managed to conquer the judges and advance to the next round.

And Jenny has a very good reason for her incredible sound. According to RadioTimes, in the 1970s she toured with AC / DC. Exactly in the year 1977, she met the renowned band and this changed her musical career.

Until then all the music that Jenny had done with her band was "Funk" but when listening to AC / DC for the first time she found just what she needed, the particular rock sound. From there the singer tells that her band started to sound like AC / DC.

"I was with AC / DC in the afternoon for the sound check and I just looked at my band and I said 'we have to change the style of the music, guys, to fit in with this band,' So at the end of it we were sounding a bit more like AC / DC. I loved them. "She explained during the interview.

During her first steps within the Rock music industry Jenny managed to record an album, she was actually the original singer of Heartbreaker, a song that appeared on her 1978 album "Queen of Fools".

Unfortunately, the song was not published as a single and another singer, Pat Benatar, who fell in love with the song, took advantage and chose the song to get it as a single and reached number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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