School officer sits next to crying student to calm him down

Officer Rusy Baubie is garnering well-deserved praise after selflessly spending time with a distressed student crying in a school hallway. His story was shared on Facebook to inspire others. 

In early August, Western Journal reported the story that arose from a Facebook post by Edna Guerrero. Guerrero described how Baubie noticed a young boy sobbing with despair in the hallway as he sat down with his head buried in his knees. 

The child appeared inconsolable. He was saying "sad and negative things about himself," Guerrero wrote. He seemed distraught and feeling a lot of self-hate when Baubie sat down next to him.

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Guerrero then wrote how: 

"This officer looked through the eyes of this student and immediately showed mercy."

Baubie "spoke softly to the student letting him know that he did matter, that he was important, that he was loved," Guerrero continued. 

Guerrero felt compelled to share the incident with others although Baubie said that he's just doing his job. But Guerrero was deeply touched and even "grateful to have captured this tender mercy."

According to her Guerrero: 

"Those that do the most, those that go above and beyond are those that are rarely recognized."


The commenters under the post were also appreciative of Baubie's "heart of gold." It's not surprising that he is "loved and respected by the community" based on his extremely helpful, but humble attitude.

Guerrero, who is Baubie's friend, is clearly in awe of how readily Baubie goes out of his way to ensure that the kids in the school are cared for. 

The officer has been with the force for 13 years. He is also a husband, a father, and simply "one of the many kind-hearted that go unnoticed for his good deeds. "

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