Woman shared inspirational message after seeing sign in car window and it goes viral

Hailey decided to publish an important message on her blog after noticing a sign in the rear window of the slow vehicle, which quickly went viral.

In her Facebook post in December 2017, the mother shared what she read on the truck's back window. Little did she know that time at the traffic light would change her entire life perspective.

Aside from being a dedicated mother and wife, Hailey is also an understanding woman. But "free time" is something hard for her to experience due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

That's the reason Hailey became impatient when she saw a slow car in front of her. The vehicle was struggling to reach the speed limit. She had things to do and places to go at the time.

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It wasn't until Hailey stopped behind the slow vehicle at a traffic light that she learned the reason for the driver's slow speed.

“As I was pulling into work, I was following this car," she wrote. "The sign in the back window said, ‘Learning stick sorry for any delay.’ Knowing this information, I was very patient with their slow shifting, and honestly, they were doing pretty well for still learning."

Hailey then asked herself a difficult question: "Would I have been just as patient if the sign hadn’t been there?"

"I can almost definitely say no," she said in her heartfelt viral Facebook post. "We don’t know what someone is going through. We don’t wear signs that illustrate our personal struggles. You don’t see signs taped to people’s shirts that say, ‘Going through a divorce,’ or ‘Lost a child,’ or ‘Feeling depressed,’ or ‘Diagnosed with cancer.’"

She added: "If we could read visually what those around us are going through we would definitely be nicer."

"But we shouldn’t have to see signs and have reasons to treat strangers with kindness. We should do it anyway, whether we know what is going on or not. Whether they deserve it or not. Let’s give everyone an extra dose of patience, kindness, and love…”

The hand-scrawled note affected Hailey to her core. She could have been annoyed and upset, but she took a deep breath and showed tolerance instead.

Hailey's inspirational message was an excellent reminder to be patient and more understanding.

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