Remember gospel singer Oleta Adams? This is what she looks like now

American soul and gospel singer, Oleta Adams, thrilled audiences with her soul music in the 1990s and 2000s. These days, however, Adams is enjoying living away from the spotlight.

Adams began her musical journey in the church where her father was a preacher, which explains her preference for gospel music. Venturing into the business of music was however not the same sweet ride as singing in churches.

For a long time, Adams struggled to record any commercial success as music executives were not interested in her style. After eventually launched her musical career with two albums she self-sponsored.

Her perseverance eventually paid off when she was noticed by members of the band “Tears for Fears.” The band released an album, “The Seeds Of Love” in 1989, and Adams’ track, “Woman in Chains,” became an instant hit. The success of the song took Adams on her first world tour with the band in 1990, and her popularity increased immensely.

She went on to commence her solo career with considerable success. She had albums like “Circle of One” on which she delivered a cover of Brenda Russell's "Get Here." That cover earned her a Grammy nomination.

The Seattle-native later released albums like “Evolution,” “Moving on,” and “Come walk with me.” Her latest album, however, is different from the rest because, according to Adams, “Third Set.”

“Wasn't meant to chase hits. [It] pays homage to the days when people came to the third set to listen to whatever we felt like playing at that moment.”

Adams disclosed that she did not release her 2017 album with commercial considerations in mind. She only wanted to produce something “natural, free, and alive.”

65-year-old Adams is not about the money. Instead, she focuses on making real, meaningful music that speaks to people and societal issues. The talented pianist has refused to move from her home in Kansas City to a location more suited for commercial networking.

Adams has been married to her husband, John Cushon, for 24 years.

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