Women get stuck on a unicorn float and have to be rescued

Chisago County Deputy Sheriffs rescued a giant unicorn

Police work is serious business and it isn't every day that officers are called on to rescue a gigantic rainbow-colored unicorn.

The Chisago County Sheriff’s Office reported on Twitter an incident that occurred at a lake in Chisago County, Minnesota.

A group of four or five women took to the lake for a magic ride on a giant float shaped like a unicorn, but unfortunately, their voyage came to an unfortunate end.

Their trusty steed drifted into a shallow part of the lake and got stuck in dense weeds and mud. 

A unicorn stuck in the mud needed rescuing

Fortunately for them, a pair of passing deputy sheriffs from the county sheriff’s office spotted the rainbow unicorn and the damsels in distress and came to their rescue.

At first, the deputies had pulled over to ask if they could take a picture - you don't see pink unicorns in Fish Lake every day - and that is when the ladies related their awful plight: They were held prisoner by the weeds and couldn't reach land alone.

The two heroic deputies lept into action

The two intrepid deputies knew just what to do. Like a well-oiled machine, each did their part. One of the deputies grabbed a rope to throw to the ladies, the other started filming the incredible rescue with his phone.

The ladies on the float grabbed the rope, and the deputy pulled them ashore. 

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A fairytale ending to a funny story

A brave rescue and the ladies were very appreciative, although, in truth, they could easily have walked out of the shallow water and saved themselves.

If they had been sensible, however, the deputies wouldn't have had so much fun, nor could the department have added "Unicorn Rescue" to their list of accomplishments.

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