Host made 'offensive' remark when 22-month-old with incurable cancer visited TV show

While the talk show host likely meant absolutely nothing malicious by the comment, viewers were incensed that he would say that to a sick child.  

Eamonn Holmes of "This Morning" was blasted after he welcomed 22-month-old Dawson Wilcock onto his show in August 2017, after the host's comment to the little boy at the end of the segment was intended as a snide comment.

Little Dawson Wilcock has already been through a lot in life, at the age of just 22 months he had already been diagnosed with a rare liver cancer, had been told that his body was resistant to chemotherapy, and told the cancer had spread to his lungs.

Out of other options, his parents had tracked down a doctor in the United States who specializes in the type of cancer Dawson had been diagnosed with. 

Source: YouTube/ This Morning

Source: YouTube/ This Morning

Being from the United Kingdom, being able to afford to go across the ocean for treatment would likely mean the family would be without the assistance of the NHS, or at least with limited funding from the organization. 

In order to cover the costs, the family would need £500,000, approximately $650,000, to have their son treated by America's top paediatric haematologist-oncologist, Dr James Gellar.

The couple was hoping the doctor could pull off some type of miracle, and after plenty of fundraising efforts they decided to speak on national television about their son's condition. 

Source: YouTube/ This Morning

Source: YouTube/ This Morning

By the time they did, they had already raised about half the money after setting up a #DollarForDawson campaign. 

When the segment came to an end and the hosts greeted them, Holmes and his wife wished the family luck in raising the money before the host spoke directly to Dawson, raising some eyebrows among viewers with his opening comment to the tot. 

Source: YouTube/ This Morning

Source: YouTube/ This Morning

The television host told the little boy, in a gentle tone of voice, to "come back when he had his hair back." He also added that the toddler should come back when he felt "better, well, and lovely," but people only cared about the first part.

Unfortunately for Holmes, he found himself in hot water because of the misunderstanding. A lot of people took his comment as rude and sarcastic.

Unfortunately, despite it more than likely being an innocent comment intended to make the boy laugh, or even to offer him something to look forward to, people were shocked that he would be so callous towards a child who was suffering with cancer. 

Luckily, Dawson's parents didn't appear to see anything nasty in Holmes' comment, and thanked him for allowing them to tell their story. 

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