September 06, 2018

Father-in-law grabs bride near altar and ruins wedding

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Liquor can make people commit crazy things. And what the father of the groom did at this wedding caused both families to start a fight in the middle of the celebration.

This girl will remember her wedding forever, and not because of how romantic it was or because it was the happiest day of her life, but because of the shameful behavior of her father-in-law.

The events took place amid a lavish ceremony in the city of Yancheng, in Jiangsu province, Eastern China, as The Sun reported. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

They entire disastrous occasion was caught in two videos that became viral on Chinese social media before ending up on YouTube, where they also spread around the rest of the world.


The images show the father-in-law accompanying the bride, dressed in red, as the two walk on a stage in front of several people.

Source: Youtube/Shangaiist.


Suddenly, the man, who had had one drink too many, grabbed the shoulders of the bride, who looked flushed and uncomfortable, and pulled her hard towards him to forcefully kiss her in the mouth in front of everyone.

Complete outrage

The relatives on both sides who witnessed the unexpected episode didn’t take long to react, although in contradicting ways. Many shouted in horror while others applauded.

The DJ who entertained the gala let out an exclamation of surprise in front of the microphone, while the girl struggled to break free from the unwanted embrace of her new father-in-law.


Source: Youtube/ Shangaiist.

The outrage escalated and a massive fight broke out between both families, during which chairs flew and tables wobbled.


Another video shows the consequences with the family members of the bride running across the stage and attacking the abusive father-in-law. Meanwhile, the woman was crying and screaming in the background.

Both families release a statement

The scandal went so far, that the police investigated the incident. The images spread through social media and video sharing platforms, which motivated the two families to launch a joint statement:

" We didn’t expect the incident to take such a negative turn. The two families are now in an awkward position and the newly-weds have suffered because of it too," the statement read.


Source: Youtube/ Shangaiist.

"The father-in-law, who had too much to drink on his son's big day, deeply regrets his actions, and we ask social network users to stop sharing the videos and have our family resolve them in private," they added.


" We do not wish to become famous, nor do we want to become the butt of every person’s joke. Had this happened in your family, would you be sharing it like this?” concluded the statement.

Needlessly to say, when the families spoke out it was already too late, as the shameful incident was already viral and had spread throughout the entire planet.


Storm-proof love

Just like the wedding of this unfortunate young Chinese couple was ruined by the bad drinking of the groom’s father-in-law, the marriage of this Filipino couple almost suffered the same fate, although due to the force of nature.

But the bride defied adversity and walked determinedly down the aisle of a flooded church, winning the hearts of netizens, while her country suffered another season of monsoon rains.

Jobel Delos Angeles, 24, arrived in a boat to the church and managed to celebrate her wedding with the father of her two children, who waited for her with the guests, all barefoot and soaked, but in high spirits for the ceremony.

" Even if it floods or it rains, nothing can stop me. You only get married once, will you postpone it? I was marrying the man I love," Delos Angeles told AFP.