Zonnique Pullins shares photo of her 'baby' celebrating his birthday

Zonnique Pullins pays tribute to a special person in her life who celebrated his birthday. The doting daughter of Tiny Harris expresses her love for the man she refers to as her "baby."

The Harris family recently celebrated King Harris’ birthday and made sure to mark the occasion with social media posts.  King’s parents Tiny Harris and T.I. shared pics with the newly-turned 14-year-old and so did his half-sister, Zonnique Pullins who showered her “baby” with love.

Zonnique may be Tiny Harris’ daughter from another father but she practically grew up looking up to T.I. as her father.  She was only five years old when Tiny and T.I. got together, making her a big sister to all of their children. 

At 22, Zonnique could very well assist Tiny in raising her younger siblings. And she’s shown time and again what a doting big sister she is to them.  In June, she shared a slideshow of photos with her half-sister Deyjah Harris marking the young lady’s birthday. The snaps she shared revealed their special bond, posing for the camera in different outfits, hugging and having fun together. 

During her youngest sister Heiress’ birthday, Zonnique also paid tribute to their relationship by sharing a photo of the two of them as she reminisced moments in the little girls’ life she’s been a part of. She revealed indulging her sister’s love for candy and introducing Barney and Mickey Mouse to her. She also disclosed how she spoils the little one, giving in to her every desire.  

Now it’s her brother King’s turn to receive attention from Zonnique as she marks his birthday with a special tribute. She posted two photos, the first one a solo of the young boy looking dapper in a denim jacket with a light brown collar.  He sported a diamond-studded watch, an earring and a gold chain around his neck.  King’s light brown curly hair dominated his head as he channeled a serious pose. In a second photo, King is joined by Zonnique and Heiress who pointed at the camera while sucking a pacifier. Zonnique smiled as she hugged her siblings from behind. 

 “Happy Birthday baby brother! Forever my baby @the_next_king10 love you!,” she wrote to accompany the photos. 

Apart from her daughter being a loving sister, Tiny is proud of the fact that Zonnique is turning into a fine young lady who’s carving a name for herself in the music industry. At 13, she was already a member of a girl group like her mother. She also went on tour with her mother’s group Xscape last year and provided the front act for their shows. Last month, she graced the cover of Empeccable magazine and as her biggest fan, her mother proudly shared this achievement to her followers on Instagram.  “Empeccable beauty she is,” Tiny gushed.  She also revealed her daughter was set to deliver new music to her fans.  It will only be a matter of time when Zonnique makes bigger waves in the industry, with her mother’s full support, no doubt.  

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