Kim Kardashian stops hearts flaunting 'alien' necklace that looks implanted under her skin

Kim Kardashian-West knows just what to do to get all the attention. The mother-of-two took to her Twitter page to show off her new necklace, and it’s not like what we see every day.

In the video, Kim explained:

“My necklace glows like a heartbeat. It moves to the rhythm of my heartbeat.”

The necklace looked pretty alien, giving her the look of a visitor from a faraway planet. Created by Simon Huck, the jewelry belongs to a much more extensive collection knows as “A. Human”

According to reports, Huck and the Kardashian family go way back as long-time friends. 

The art collection, designed to last for the next one month as an “interactive art experience” is to commence in New York on September 5. Alongside Kim, the experience has featured “Queer Eye” star, Tan France and transgender supermodel, Andreja Pejic.

Huck said this work of art was born from an idea which revolved around twisting the concept of changing your body for an ideal. In his words:

“We didn’t want to root any of our modifications on the idea of existing insecurities or discomforts [like collagen or lip fillers]. “A. Human” is about the freedom to explore this world and live in this world in any way you choose." 

He continued:

"When you think of the future, you think dark, dystopian—there are all these images that come to mind. I didn’t want to create a utopian world, but I definitely wanted to create a world that was optimistic or, at the bare minimum, neutral. We wanted to use the future of fashion and the future of self-expression as a way to look at the future. That is how the ethos of A. Human formed.”

Kim remains your go-to girl when it comes to modeling. Today, she’s on the cover of a magazine, posing for a hair collection, and the next, she’s modeling alien implant necklaces.

Go Kim!

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