Dog caught making friends with the sheep he's supposed to be guarding

In Italy, a dog was brought over to a farm to held herd their many sheep. Its other job specification was to also guard the animals.

The relationship between the dog and the sheep was supposed to be a clear one. However, one day the canine was seen doing something that was not part of its job specs. 

The Fordongianus, Italy dog was recorded on the job. However, instead of doing what it was hired for, the canine decided to break protocol and make friends.

In the clip, it could be seen hanging around bonding with the sheep. It was actually recorded lying on top of one of the massive animals.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. Instead of being the authoritative presence in the bunch, it appeared to be making friends.

On the footage, the sheepherder was seen barking at the person holding the camera.

It seemed the employee was oblivious to the work it was expected to do. The dog had found a comfortable spot on top of one of the sheep.

At one point, the herd of sheep start running away and instead of herding them; the canine sticks to its perch upon one of the sheep. Its balancing skills are quite impressive.

The video had the animal’s owners in stitches and people on social media also found it hilarious. It’s highly doubtful that the sheep will have any respect for their herder.

Perhaps the owners ended up getting a second dog to do what this one failed to do.

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