Heartbreaking moment immigrant mom realizes 3-year-old son doesn't remember her

An undocumented immigrant mother couldn't hold back her tears when her three-year-old son hardly remembers her and refuses her hugs.

A video has been shared online which shows Mrs. Reyes-Mejia tries to embrace her son, but the boy keeps crawling away from her.

The incident took place on July 14 when the family of four was finally reunited at George Bush International Airport in Houston after they had been detained and separated by the United States Customs and Immigration Enforcement.

The boy is named Sammy in the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) report to protect his identity, according to Daily Mail.

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Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

"My love, I am your mommy, papi. I am your mommy," Mrs. Reyes-Mejia can be heard saying in the heartbreaking footage.

However, Sammy managed to get out of his mother's embrace and crawled away.

The distraught mother then asked her husband, Ever, as to why their son was refusing her on the first day the family was being reunited.

Her husband, who is seen hugging his infant daughter, helped Mrs. Reyes-Mejia up.

"Papi, I came for you my love. What happened? Papi come with me. I came for you," she told Sammy.

The little boy eventually relented and embraced his mother for the first time since he and his father left Honduras in April 2018.

The two fled the on-going violence to enter the United States to seek asylum.

Ever and Sammy made it to the US border station at McCallen Bridge in Texas, but they were detained by the customs officials.

The father was told he was expected to complete legal documents before an immigration judge while in detention.

When Ever asked if he could wake up his sleeping son, the officials told him it wasn't needed. Upon coming back, Sammy was gone. He was on his way to an agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mrs. Reyes-Mejia, on the other hand, made it to the US in May. However, she was also detained. Luckily, she was never separated from her daughter.

During their time of separation, Sammy wouldn't talk to his father every time the officials opened up a line of communication.

On July 10, the boy was reunited with his father at an ICE center in Grand Rapids. They flew to Houston shortly after that. That was the moment when the family of four finally reunited.

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