Heartbreaking goodbye with white balloons for Kevin, a baby bitten by a violin spider

This is the sad story of Kevin, a boy who says goodbye but did not want to say it, and a mother who gives her last kiss.

After 41 days of suffering from a bite of a violinist spider, little Kevin had to say goodbye to his family and friends.

The Debate reports that Kevin was stung by a spider on July 14 and received medical attention, but the efforts they made for this cure were not successful, leading to the death of the child.

The baby was 10 months old and was bitten by a violinist spider in Acaponeta, Nayarit. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

For this bite, Kevin needed an antidote that was no longer being produced, "Reclusmyn", however, in the nearby laboratories the little one could finally obtain it.

However, despite the fact that these laboratories made every human effort to save this little boy's life, when they gave the antidote to Kevin, his body had already been suffering the damages of the bite and it was too late.

Later, the child suffered from irreversible heart failure.

"Very sad, because it leaves us marked in our life trajectory because we had never seen this case and truth is it is very sad. I come because I have a child and I realize that this reflects me," said Jasmine Partida, a member of the boy’s community.

The boy had to say goodbye to all his loved ones, and also, before closing the coffin of Kevin, his mother kissed him for the last time, gave him a hug and apologized for failing him.

This small white coffin was moved in a white van, with blue details, for its final resting place.

In the tradition of this family, children should not be mourned, but rather be honored with white balloons, and with great pain in their hearts, their loved ones gave the last goodbye.

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