August 31, 2018

Bride and priest fall into water thanks to clumsy best man in this staged movie clip

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The clip went viral back in 2008 after it was posted to video sharing site YouTube, but the couple has since spoken out about the real story behind it. 

Couples plan their weddings for months on end, arguing over every tiny little detail in the lead-up to their big day. Everyone wants the perfect wedding, and even the tiniest little inconveniences can ruin a bride's day. 

Which is why this video would make most women cringe. The clip shows a bride and groom standing on an altar in a pictureqsue setting. Behind them in a drop to a bright blue pool, decked out to look like a natural pond. 

They're busy saying their "I do's," and the minsiter asks the best man for the couple's rings. 


But as he goes to take the last step up to the top of the altar, he seems to trip, falling into the bride and knocking both her and the minister off the platform and down into the swimming pool below, with the groom scrambling to try and rescue her. 

The guests gasp in horror as the beautiful bride tips over the edge - in her wedding dress with her hair and makeup all done up - and rush to the edge to see if she's alright.


The bridge looks somewhat dejected as the camera finds her coming up from under the water, with the minister checking on her as well. 

They later shared that the entire thing was actually part of a small independent film, and not a real wedding disaster. But there are other best men who have caused mayhem at weddings. 


One woman took to Twitter to tell the story of what her husband's best man had done at her wedding a few weeks prior. While many videos have done the rounds of close friends of the bride and groom getting engaged during the reception, this best man took things a bit too far. 

In the middle of the ceremony, while the couple were trying to say their vows, he interrupted them to propose to his girlfriend, and announce her pregnancy to the congregation.

He later used his toast to the bride and groom to talk about himself and his fiance, without even mentioning the couple. 

Both she and her husband were so angry they hadn't spoken to him for weeks afterwards. 


Another best man at a different wedding cooked up a plan with the maid of honor, in which they would enter the reception with some acrobatics, "Dirty Dancing" style. 

But as she started running at him on the walkway, he turned his back to her, and she tried to leap onto his back for a piggy back ride. Unfortunately, she jumped a little high and he couldn't catch her, sending her flying over his head as he toppled over. 

Fortunately this one is funnier than the last, and both the best man and maid of honor got up laughing without a scratch.