This family's 14th son's middle name goes viral

Kateri and Jay Schwandt decided to name their 14th son Finley Sheboygan Schwandt. Little did they know, his middle name would be making headlines around the world.

Kateri and Jay are indeed not new to parenthood as the Michigan couple has 14 children, all boys spanning a 25-year age range, as reported by American Web Media.

When the pair found out that they were due to have a 14th child, they hoped for a baby girl. However, Kateri and Jay ended up with yet another baby boy.

They decided to name him Finley, but they wanted to do something different for his middle name since they knew this would be their last baby.

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Kateri recalled that when she was young, her father used to tell her a story about a Native American chief who was the father of many boys.

The chief believed his next child would be a boy, but his wife gave birth to another boy, which he named “Sheyboygan” that means “She’s a boy again.”

“Kateri and I are both in our 40s now so we know we’re coming to the end of this,” Jay said.

“So when we found out she was expecting number 14 we really relished everything that’s gone along with her being pregnant again thinking this is probably the last time."

He added: "We’re just as excited with number 14 as we were with number one. It’s something we really enjoy and the boys have such a good time with it.”

The couple later decided to follow the story of Kateri's father. They used “Sheyboygan” as Finley’s middle name.

“We’ve got all boys, so it’s what we’re used to. It would’ve been nice to have a girl, but we’re super excited to have another boy. Some of the boys were hoping for a little sister, and some were rooting for another brother. I was pulling for a girl,” said Jay.

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