Mom couldn't make baby stop crying, but dog had a revolutionary technique

Couples with pets have a different worry when they decide to have children, and that worry is if the pets will adjust with a new member in the family or not.

And if the various videos of dogs with newborn babies on the internet are anything to go by, a dog will quickly adapt to living with the tiny family member. 

One such video of a dog and it's adorable relationship with a baby was shared on YouTube on October 9, 2010, and what makes this video even more special is the dog doing his best to calm the crying baby.

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The footage shows the baby lying down and the pet dog sitting next to him. When the baby cries, the gentle dog answers the baby's cry by letting out a few howls. 

Surprisingly, the baby halts his cries as soon as he hears the dog. Intentionally or not, the dog keeps the baby entertained by its reaction.

Source: YouTube / WaioliCoCo

Source: YouTube / WaioliCoCo

It is hilarious to see the dog's unique sounds cause the baby to quiet down.

What is amusing to watch is that when the cute pet stops making any sound, the baby immediately begins to cry again. 

The dog looks as if it has understood the peculiar pattern and calms the baby down with its howls for the second time. 

Source: YouTube / WaioliCoCo

Source: YouTube / WaioliCoCo

It is common for engaged or newly married couples to own a dog before they have children. Even though the assumption that having dogs can prepare couples to have children, later on, is not necessarily a good reason to have dogs, but still dogs can be excellent “children to start with.”

Dogs require constant care and attention. They have to be fed from time to time, taken on walks regularly and they also need some pampering. 

Source: YouTube / WaioliCoCo

Source: YouTube / WaioliCoCo

These loyal pets also bring disorder and chaos in their owner's lives with their distinctive personalities. 

The mess that all dogs make, especially if they are not adequately trained, is almost impossible to avoid. 

Since dogs cannot take proper care of themselves and are also prone to get sick sometimes, they require love, hard work, and commitment from their owners.

But a dog's love and loyalty towards its owner is what matters in the end. They continuously prove to be man's best friend and this video is no different. 

It brings out the deep bond that dogs form with babies and little children.  

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