February 08, 2019

New 'Door/Beach' optical illusion goes viral this weekend

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Online users have been debating over a viral optical illusion. The internet has been torn in half with one side saying the photo looked like a door, while the other said the picture looked like a beach when rotated sideways.

The controversial conversation began on August 24, 2018, when a Twitter user named Becky posted the confusing photo.

On first glance, the photo looked like the edge of a blue door that had a door frame in the shade of teal and surrounded by a white wall.

Although, when looked at sideways, the photo appeared to look like a beach. The white wall looked like sand, the teal frame was the ocean, and the blue door became a cloudless sky.



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In her post, Becky wrote, “Is this a door or a beach??? Hahahaha.”

She then started a thread with a Twitter poll asking online users what they thought about the picture.

As the post became viral, almost 250,000 Twitter users voted with 54% of them believing that it is a partial snapshot of a door.

Eventually, after three days, Becky revealed that it was actually a photo of a beach that had been rotated.


The original photo had people swimming on the beach but was removed through Photoshop.

Despite Becky’s big reveal, there were still some users who refused to believe her. 

One person claimed that the people had been poorly photoshopped in, but a couple of Twitter users explained that it was a low-resolution photo and it caused the people to appear blocky when zoomed in.

As for some, they poked fun by joining the hype and played around with the photo.


This wouldn’t be the first time a picture confused social media users. In 2015, it became a big social media craze when a photo of a dress circulated online. There was a debate whether the color of the dress was blue and black or white and gold.

Also, in May 2018, an audio snippet started a conversation. It was an audio clip of a computer voice saying what was supposedly “Laurel,” but some people argued that they heard “Yanny.” Much like the reactions on the photos of the dress and the beach, the internet was torn in half.

Meanwhile, the psychology behind the rabbit-duck optical illusion has been revealed.