Instagram model, 20, found dying on billionaire's $200 mln. super yacht during her last shift

Young Australian's death aboard a billionaire's yacht investigated.

Sinead McNamara, 20, was living a dream, working as a crew member aboard a billionaire's yacht – the Mayan Queen IV – in the Greek Islands.

The young Australian's dream seems to have turned into a nightmare, and her lifeless body was found on board the yacht on August 31, reported

The young woman had just completed a four-month tour of duty aboard the yacht and was meeting up with her mother and sister in Greece for a family holiday.

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The Greek police are investigating McNamara's death, and have suggested it may have been a suicide, but the Argostoli Harbormaster is expected to make a statement to clarify the investigation.

The Mayan Queen IV was docked in Argostoli port while authorities examined the scene of McNamara's death, and was released on Sunday with her full crew on board.


The yacht – which is estimated to have cost $200 million – belongs to billionaire businessman Alberto Baillères, who had left the boat 48 hours before McNamara's body was found.

The Australian was onboard – supposed the other members of the crew – but in the early hours of August 31, a man on a yacht sailing past the Mayan Queen IV saw her lifeless body on the back of boat.


The authorities are working to create a timeline leading up to the moment McNamara's body was found. Cause of death is yet to be announced pending an autopsy.

McNamara was a popular Instagram model, and her account detailed the adventures of a beautiful young woman traveling through Europe and enjoying a happy life was followed by thousands.

If the Police's suspicions prove to be true, McNamara's portrayal of herself on social media was very far from the truth. 

This year fans were shocked by the suicide of designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. 

Both were rich, famous, talented, and admired yet chose to take their own lives. The picture-perfect fairytale lives covered a struggle with depression and anxiety-based disorders.

Over 38,000 people a year commit suicide in the USA alone, but there is help available. If you need support, please contact Lifeline on 1-800-273-8255.

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