Angry snapping turtle gives man a nasty bite on the lip for trying to kiss him

After deciding it would be fun to place an unnecessary amount of stress on the poor animal, this man got instant karma when the turtle decided to snap back. 

Matt Trabucco of Woburn, Massachusetts, was with friends at a local fishing spot when he wondered if he could catch one of the snapping turtles swimming around in the water. 

His friends pointed out that the animals eat anything, so he dangled one of the fish they had caught in the water on a short piece of line, waiting for a bite. He certainly ended up getting more than he was expecting. 

With his friend Michael Ganley warning him of the sharp teeth he was toying with, Trabucco tried to get a grip on the turtle after it grabbed the fish.

When the turtle realized what he was trying to do, it took aim at his hands with its sharp teeth, trying desperately to deter him from his goal.

He eventually grabbed the animal's flippers and proceeded to try and pull the distressed animal out of the water.

At one point the turtle pulled himself loose of Trabucco's grip, and the man grabbed him by the tail as he makes a bid for the water. 

He picks the turtle up, with cruel laughter and mocking as he does, and proceeds to talk to it like a child or a dog, and then tries to kiss it.

Cue instant karma, as the turtle leaned its head back just enough to take a decent snap at his lip. 

After the video was posted to Instagram, plenty of people took to the comments to ask why on earth he had thought dragging the turtle out of the water was a good idea in the first place. 


Others had even less sympathetic comments, suggesting it would have been better for humanity if the turtle had just taken his whole head off.

Others added "go turtle" and "turtle power" to their comments. 

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