Girl misses her train home to save an elderly stranger's life by giving him CPR

A medical student saved an elderly man at a train station

Passengers at a train station in Jinzhou city, Liaoning province, China were witnesses to a young woman saving an elderly man from certain death.

Ding Hui was at Jinzhou South Railway Station when she heard over the PA system that an old man had collapsed and was in need of immediate medical assistance.

Hui, a medical student at Jinzhou Medical University in China, lept into action and ran to the platform where the 81-year-old commuter lay.

A fellow passenger recorded the incident, and the Youtube video turned Hui into a media star.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

Source: Youtube Screenshot

“If it weren’t for her, my dad would’ve been gone… She wouldn’t accept the money and wouldn’t leave her name. We only found her again when the video was posted online.”

Heroic medical student rushed to the rescue

When she approached the downed man, Hui asked a bystander if the man was still breathing.

When she was told that the man was still alive, Hui rushed to his side and began administering CPR.

She was in such a hurry to start reviving him, that she didn't even remove her backpack.

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Source: Youtube Screenshot

Source: Youtube Screenshot

"Hang in there!"

In the video that shows the young student working to save the man's life, she can be heard extolling him to “hang in there” as he slowly regained consciousness.

Hui stayed by the elderly man's side until the paramedics arrived, and ended up missing her train.

The old gentleman’s family were so grateful to Hui for saving his life that they wanted to reward her.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

Source: Youtube Screenshot

Grateful son offers reward

The man's son offered Hui a reward of 2,000RMB, the equivalent to $295, which the young student refused.

Hui later explained that it was her duty as medical staff to rescue those who are in danger, and she didn't do it in the expectation of a reward. 

The elderly man’s family wrote a letter to Jinzhou Medical University explaining the incident and praising Hui's heroic actions and her sterling character.

She is being upheld as an example of heroism and rectitude by the Chinese press,  and the video of the rescue has gone viral.

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