Real-life relationships of our favorite 'NCIS' stars past and present

"NCIS" fans have invited Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his crew into their home with open arms for the 16th season. But do we even know in whose arms Mark Harmon sleeps at night?

Most TV celebrities are very different in real-life from the characters we know and love on-screen. In fact, some of them are the exact opposite of their silver screen counterparts, such that you wouldn't recognize them from reading their biography at all.

Here is a list of all your favorite "NCIS" stars, and their own stars back home:

Mark Harmon/Agent Leroy Gibbs (2003 - present)

Unlike Leroy and his terrible luck with women, Mark, 66, has been married for 31 years to the beautiful Pam Dawber, also 66, of "Mork and Mindy" fame. The couple renewed their vows recently in a private backyard ceremony.

They have managed to raise two sons, Sean, 30, and Ty, 25,  and tend to keep their personal life off social media as much as possible. According to Harmon, 

"We stay home. A lot. I’m not a Twitter guy or a Facebook guy. Our sons aren’t into that, either."

While Agent Gibbs has gone through 4 marriages and countless affairs, Harmon is a down-to-earth family man who puts family first and draws a firm line between his professional and private life. As it should be.

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Sciuto was a fan-favorite for years, the cute goth-girl with a neck tattoo that just also happened to be a brilliant forensic scientist.

Sciuto had 5 different love interests before Perrette left the show, namely Ashton, Mikel Mauher, Burt Moore, Simon Cade, and Timothy McGee.

In reality, Perrette's love life was even more dramatic. She divorced ex-husband Francis “Coyote” Shivers in 2004 and had a restraining order against him. He violated it and ended up spending 90 days behind bars.

She has been engaged twice since then, first to cameraman Michael Bosman and then to British Royal Marine Thomas Arklie, but has not tied the knot. She prefers the simple life with a dog and friends, and went so far as to say:

“Tried it. Not for me. Not at all. [...] Probably the best decision I ever made in my life was the time that it took me to go like, ‘Wait a minute. This is silly. I don’t have to have a boyfriend, or a husband, or a girlfriend, or anything, you know?’ [...] I don’t need any of that. Like, I do whatever I want. I do whatever I want. And I think that is rad!”

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DiNozzo experienced a heartbreaking choice in the show when he was forced to either claim his paternal responsibility toward a daughter he didn't know he had or stay with his crew.

The storyline dropped a bombshell on him when it was revealed that his ex-partner had given him a daughter without his knowledge. Her death meant he was suddenly thrust into fatherhood, and DiNozzo chose to embrace it.

In real-life, Weatherly and his first wife divorced after only two years together as work stress came between their family of three. When he married for the second time, he vowed that it would not happen again.

“When I got remarried, I wanted to do my very best to ensure that rupture wouldn’t happen again. My kids and my marriage are the things I’m proudest of.”

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Sasha played Todd in the first two seasons of NCIS and has returned several times in the following seasons as both a regular and a guest. Her love interests included a priest in one episode.

In real life, Alexander is happily married to the son of icon Sophia Loren, Edoardo Ponti, and is the mother of two children, Lucia and Leonardo.

There love is evident by their mutual appreciation for each other as is clear in the Instagram posts she writes about him, like this one:

"This man also writes poetry. His book #lettersfromayoungfather is a perfect Father’s Day gift. He wrote it during my pregnancies & its about childhood memories, becoming a parent and all the beauty that comes with it. Link to buy is in my bio. Read it. You might cry. A little. #edoardoponti"

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Ducky's first true love is revealed to be a woman in the UK by the name of Maggie who regrets ever having chosen someone else over him.

In real life, McCallum's first wife, Jill Ireland, reportedly ran off with his costar, Charles Bronson, when they were filming "The Great Escape." They had three sons together; Paul, Jason (adopted), and Valentine.

He then married Katherine Carpenter in 1967 and they have a son, Peter, and a daughter, Sophie. The couple is still together.

As far as his commitment to his family goes, he says:

“One of my sons, his wife is expecting a baby, so that will be the eighth grandchild – that will make eight grandchildren and that’s the only project that I’m working on outside of NCIS.”

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McGee is one of the only ones on the show who has a stable serious relationship. His love interest, Delilah Fielding, could become Mrs. McGee if Murray has anything to say about it.

In the real world, Murray married Carrie James in 2005. They have 2 children, Caitlyn Melissa, and River James. Murray is a family man through and through, saying:

“My family means everything to me in the world. So as long as my family is taken care of, I’m a happy guy.”

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We don't know enough about Jack to know about her past love affairs. Did we sense a bit of flirtation with Gibbs?

Maria Bello, however, is openly bisexual but her relationship status is currently unknown although there are rumors that she is seeing a man younger than herself. 

She has a son with her former boyfriend, Dan McDermott, and also wrote about having a same-sex relationship with her then-partner, Clare Munn.

Bello wrote in a New York Times column called "Coming Out As A Modern Family,"

“I would like to consider myself a ‘whatever,’ … Whomever I love, however I love them, whether they sleep in my bed or not, or whether I do homework with them or share a child with them, [...] Love is love. And I love our modern family.”

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"NCIS" Season 16 premieres September 25, 2018. 

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