Bizarre moment woman falls through restaurant ceiling while allegedly looking for the bus stop

Lady asked to use the restroom, then fell through the ceiling

Truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction, as this story from California proves.

On the 9th of September 2018, a woman walked into a Mexican restaurant in Garden Grove and asked one of the staff members if she could use the bathroom.

Even though the woman was not a customer, the staff member kindly acceded. The woman went to the restroom, and a while later a long line started forming outside the door.

Something very strange was about to happen, and the video of the incident posted on Youtube would go viral.

"The woman that fell through the ceiling tiles was NOT a patron of our establishment.  We do not know her identity as my staff and I had never seen or served her before."

Paloma Munoz, Fox News, 10th of September 2018.

Waiter, there is a woman in my soup!

A YouTube user called Japangie was filming when the woman suddenly crashed through the restaurant's ceiling.

The woman had apparently accessed the crawlspace by climbing in through the bathroom ceiling.

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She couldn't remember climbing into the crawl space

The restaurant called the police, who took the woman into custody. She told the police that she didn't know how she had gotten into the ceiling, and could not remember doing so.

An incredible climb possible only for an athelete

Paloma Munoz, one of the owners of the Sabroso! Mexican said the woman had to be very athletic because she managed to climb up onto a urinal in the unisex bathroom and then boost herself up into the crawlspace 15 feet above the bathroom.

Woman who was arrested was homeless

The Police, who took the woman into custody, stated that the woman was homeless and appeared to be under the influence of a mind-altering substance.

Homeless man was thrown out of McDonald's and prevented from eating

Recently, a story about a fast-food chain and a homeless man hit the headlines when a video of the incident posted on Youtube garnered over 6.000.000 views.

A homeless man who had been offered a meal by a customer was removed by police when McDonald's staff had him arrested for trespassing.

The video sparked a wave of indignation, calling for more humane attitudes on the part of the chain.

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