Officer finds little dog inside a hot car and rushes to help

A pet owner had to pay more than $ 500 for leaving his dog inside the truck with a high temperature of 113 Fahrenheit.

Leaving pets inside the car is so dangerous that in Canada, if necessary, the authorities will break a vehicle window to save the animals. When the owners leave them trapped inside a car, they can die suffocated.

This happened in a parking lot in Ontario, where a French bulldog was found inside a truck, whose interior temperature was 113 Fahrenheit, enough to suffocate him in a short time.

According to Reshareworthy, the Lincoln County Humane Society received a call from a passer-by who saw the puppy inside the vehicle that had barely opened the windows a few inches. Before something bad happens, the authorities immediately arrived at the place.

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Source:Youtube/ ViralHog

Source:Youtube/ ViralHog


When the officials arrived, they found the bulldog seeking shade while cowering behind the driver's seat of the truck, as a clear sign that the poor dog was suffering greatly because of the temperature.

According to Scribol's information, after measuring the interior temperature of the vehicle, the officers decided to act immediately, so they proceeded to break the window on the passenger side in order to rescue the dog.

In a video recorded by the officer of the Lincoln County Humane Society, you can see the whole procedure of recognition of the compromising situation in which the poor little animal was.

Source:Youtube/ ViralHog

Source:Youtube/ ViralHog

"I decided to record the officer who broke the window to rescue the dog and get him out of the car," said the official of the animal protection institution.

After being removed from the vehicle, the puppy was immediately taken to a veterinarian, where he was treated for presenting high temperatures, but fortunately, he was able to recover successfully, as published by IHeartRadio.


CHCH also indicated that the owner was fined $ 250 for breaking the law, another $ 150 for services provided by the Lincoln County Humane Society, $ 100 more for medical expenses and, of course, refurbishing and replacing the glass in his window.

It is important that pet owners understand how delicate it is to leave them exposed to high temperatures, so they never think of leaving their dogs trapped in a car on a hot day.

The Lincoln County Humane Society encourages pet owners to leave their dogs at homes and not to put them in uncomfortable situations; like these three puppies trapped inside a car on the hottest day of the year.

It is important to be aware of your pets because although outside the temperature is normal, inside a car can rise to a point where it becomes truly lethal.

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