Vet frees shackled horse and receives a heartfelt thank you

In a video, a Four Paws Organization veterinarian named Ovidiu Rosu came across a wild horse in a field in Romania. However, the horse wasn’t roaming freely like the other mammals around it.

On close inspection, the vet discovered that the horse had its two front paws shackled together. Rosu immediately decided to rescue the animal. 

It’s common practice in Romania for horses to be bound by chains and unable to roam freely or run away. Four Paws Organization veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu came across one of these abused animals.

The wild horse’s legs were chained and the metal was cutting into the animal’s skin. Being chained prevented the animal from running freely.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. As Rosu used some pliers to free the animal, he noticed how the wire had cut into the animal’s legs.

Despite being in pain, the horse allowed the vet to help without causing any trouble. After the animal was free its demeanor changed and it couldn’t wait to show Rosu its gratitude.

The video shows the animal leaning in close to “kiss” the vet on the face. However, it is only one of many horses that go through this practice in the country.

The video clip by the organization aims to educate people on what is happening to other horses just like the one that was rescued. In the clip, the organization states that in the country it is "a common practice in parts of Romania is to join the front or hind legs of horses with chains."

However, the scourge isn’t carrying on unnoticed as there are people who are willing to devote their time to help out. Some of these lucky animals end up living happy and fulfilling lives again.

Those who wish to assist these animals can find out more information here

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