Florida police helps to connect lovers' hearts and it's adorable

A woman got pulled over in Florida by a police car complete with flashing lights and sirens. When she got out of the car, her boyfriend stepped out too and gave her the surprise of her life. 

The Miami resident would have been a bit worried when she was stopped. This was followed by confusion when she saw her boyfriend get out only to kneel down in front of her. 

"Oh my god, you're crazy," she said in shock. 

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The department posted the video to Twitter before it was uploaded by Inside Edition to YouTube. 

The woman continued, "In this situation, I don't even know what to say." 

The plan happened when her boyfriend Kenneth went to the police department requesting for help with the traffic stop proposal. 

Sergeant Jeff Motola and Officer Christina O'Neil were more than willing to assist in starting the couple's new journey together. 

Source: YouTube

Kenneth's fiance required a bit of prodding in all her confusion. Motola asked her, "Is there anything you want to say?" 

She covered her face at first but was confident when she finally said yes to her new fiance.

Back in March 2017, Blake Shelton interrupted his concert when he saw that two fans were about to get engaged. 

The occasion was not planned ahead as with the cops, but Shelton saw it fit to stop his show so that Shianne and Robbie could hear each other. 

Robbie was down on one knee already when the video began. His mom was on the phone watching the special occasion. 

Shelton asked Robbie if he was really going to propose. When Robbie confirmed, the country singer star told the crowd what was going on.

Source: YouTube

Soon enough, Robbie asked Shianna the big question and she instantly said yes. She and her new fiance embraced each other. 

Shelton dedicated his next song to the newly engaged couple. The two danced along, already familiar with the words.

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