Grandma’s perfect reaction after teen wants to wear see-through blouse on her date

This is a hilarious story of a grandmother’s plan to convince her teenage daughter about the proper dressing etiquette.

Old people are often great at coming up with swift reply laden with sharp-wit that comes from their years of experience. That’s why most people do not like to engage in an argument with the elderlies for too long.

However, a grandmother in this story tried a different approach of winning an argument with her teenage granddaughter, who just wouldn’t take her advice of dressing herself more appropriately.

This is how the grandmother responds to the stubbornness of her young granddaughter.

The teenage granddaughter was once preparing to go out on a date. She walked downstairs and was just about to leave the house when her grandmother noticed that she was wearing a see-through blouse.

The grandmother interrupted her and reminded her to cover up herself with something more appropriate.

The young girl then replied, “Loosen up, Grams. Times have changed. These days you gotta let your rose buds show!” Having said this, she went out, shutting the door close behind her.

The elder lady could not answer her anything at that point, but she had already decided on a way to teach the young girl a lesson about proper dressing.

Next day, when the teenager came downstairs, she found her grandmother sitting on the sofa without her top.

Embarrassed, she reminded the elderly lady that her friends were about to show up, and she could not allow them to see her without her top. The shame was just too unbearable for her.

“It is just not appropriate,” the teenager said to her grandmother.

Her grandmother smiled at this. She leaned back on the sofa and softly replied, “Loosen up, Sweetie. If you can show off your rosebuds, then I can display my hanging baskets.”

This story of an elderly lady’s sharp-wit appeared on Bored Daddy.

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