September 17, 2018

Man stops to film cows near the road when suddenly one of them gets his attention

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Dave was driving a through a country road when he saw a group of cows drinking water from a pond in a beautiful green, open area.

He considered it was a good spot to take some pictures and to record the animals, so pulled over and got his camera ready.

After a while, Dave noticed that one of the cows was somehow upset. She was moving back and forth in the same place, and even trying to dig.

Once the man got closer, he noticed that there was a deep slope covered by grass. In it, there was a little calf almost paralyzed.

Source: YouTube/Rumble Viral


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Dave understood why the cow was so upset as the calf probably fell into the slope which was in the opposite side of the electric fence that kept the cows in the farmer’s property.

In the video, Dave revealed that he was a bit scared about getting to close to the calf as the cow might react aggressively.

Source: YouTube/Rumble Viral


Apart from that, he could receive a shock from the fence. Thankfully, the man knew that he had to help as it was a very hot day and the little animal might be needing to drink milk.

Using a wooden stick to lift the fence, Dave pushed the calf toward its mother.


Although both the man and the animal got shocked a couple of times, Dave managed to get the calf back to the cow, and saved it from a slow death.

When the calf and the cow looked at him, they walked close as a way to say “thank you.” He later contacted the farmer and told him what had happened.

Source: BBC


That video is the proof that cows can show love. Another farmer from Aberdeenshire, UK, knew that, and he got the help of one of his cows to propose to his girlfriend.

Chris Gospel wanted the proposal to be special and significant. After some planning, he enlisted the help of a cow named Curlytop

He used a livestock marker and wrote “Will you marry me?” on Curlytop's side.

One of the most adorable aspects of it was that the cow was Chris’ girlfriend, Eilidh Fraser, favorite cow. Eilidh is a microbiologist.