Tiny pooch goes crazy over coconut and snarls when anyone gets close

Feisty Pomeranian pooch goes loco over a coconut making it clear she is not sharing any of it.

Leaving tiny bite marks on the fruit as the Pomeranian defends her coconut every time her owners tried to stop her drinking from it.

Even when they get close, she would let out high-pitched barks while baring her teeth.

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While the person filming tries to go in closer, she gets territorial and jumps towards them barking, showing her distaste.

She tries all the while to get back to enjoying her coconut but keeps one eye on the camera, ready to defend her coconut.

She tries to get more juice but then one person touches the territorial little Pomeranian on her head, making her growl even more while showing off her sharp teeth.

Seemingly hoping the territorial behavior will keep everyone disturbing her from enjoying her drink she stays vigilant in her defense of the coconut.

As the camera pans her agitation is clear.

She licks her lips snarling and in one last attempt to get her attention the owners try to place a wooden case on her head, but this just makes her more agitated.

By this time tiny little teeth marks can be seen all over the coconut, with more being added in her attempts to eat and defend her coconut.


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In the following clip filmed in Bangkok, Thailand, the small Pomeranian can be seen perched on a table, trying to enjoy her fruit.



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