When the dog farts, this cat can't stay silent and his hilarious reaction goes viral

Pedro Marrero
Sep 19, 2018
02:07 A.M.

Even the best of friendships have limits, and despite this cat and dog having a great relationship, the feline can’t help but showing his discomfort over his canine friend’s questionable manners.


Television has always taught us that cats and dogs are natural born enemies that just can’t get along. But as many animal owners know, these two species frequently enjoy life-long friendships.

Having pets around in one’s home guarantees many good times for the owners, as animals always show their love and are adorable. But one of the best things animals give us is laughter.

The two friends in this hilarious viral video look like they are very confortable when they are together, but there was one thing that the cat wouldn’t tolerate. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

When the owner of these two took the camera to film his dog taking a nap with the cat nearby, he didn’t know that he was about to capture a moment that was going to turn his pets into viral stars.

Source: Youtube/The Paw

Source: Youtube/The Paw

The cat, who was also having a relaxing moment next to his resting peer, didn’t expect what happened next either, and it is his genuine and so human reaction to what the dog does what draught people to this clip.

Source: Youtube/The Paw

Source: Youtube/The Paw

The video is nothing special until a familiar and yet surprising sound of flatulence. The sound and probably the smell that followed didn’t go unnoticed for the cat, which made sure to let his friend know that he wasn’t happy about it.

Source: Youtube/The Paw

Source: Youtube/The Paw

The dog, which was in deep sleep when his body betrayed him, apparently didn’t even know what had happened, but he was quickly awaken by the upset cat, which repeatedly hit him in the head with his paws.


The cat’s epic reaction to his friend’s accident made the video an instant success on YouTube. In a matter of two months it has received more than 5.5 million views and more than 5.000 likes in the video sharing platform.


Animals have the most unexpected and yet relatable behaviors, and one can become addicted to watching them live. Parrots, in particular, have always caused fascination for their ability to mock their human friends.

As used as we might be to parrots “speaking” or even singing better than some humans, one individual from this species shocked the world by imitating his owner when he sneezes.

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