Man gets into a heated argument with a baby goat (video)

Animals sure do have a way to win our hearts and watching this man and a baby goat is the most adorable thing you'll see. 

Sky Garnick was on vacation in Wyoming when he crossed paths with a very stubborn and opinionated goat. Thankfully, his friends recorded the cute exchange.

Garick and the goat kid can be seen in a heated debate, with Garick saying he refuses to take the trash out, no matter how many times the goat asks. 

He wrote in the caption: When your [sic] fighting with bae, but bae happens to be fuzzy four-legged creature with horns but speaks like a human. Funny goats."

His video was uploaded a little more than a month ago but has already taken the internet by storm by garnering more than 400,000 views on one YouTube channel alone. 

Every time Garick says something to the kid, he cries out in a high pitched voice. At one point, he even jumps against Garick and it appears as though he tried to challenge his human nemesis to a duel. Garick then asks the kid if he wants to give him a kiss instead. 

Right on queue, the goat jumps up against him once more to touch his lips. Needless to say, Garick didn't expect that and sputtered. 

Speaking of kids, before we show you that adorable footage, here is a kid of the human variety who simply loved it when her father sang's Joe Crocker's "You are so beautiful."

 The doting dad can be seen gently holding his baby's in his arms with his hands cupping her face while singing, and the baby is all giggles throughout the performance. Her face lights up and she hangs on to every note. 

The video clip ends with the father planting a kiss on her forehead, which only draws more giggles and laughs from the tiny tot. The short 33-second clip has been viewed more than 2.2 million times since being uploaded to YouTube three years ago.  

Here are both videos. Which one do you like the most?



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