Five hot men get together and steal the show the instant they start to dance (video)

Dancing is good for the soul, but watching five hot men dance is even better! The latest internet craze is none other than the Magic Men. 

It's a group of five men and it their latest video they start off dressed in jeans, shirts, and cowboy hats but rest assured that they clothes will soon be removed. 

First, the shirts go and the white t-shirts follow shortly thereafter. During the last few seconds of the performance, them men dance topless and it's not hard to see why their video had already been viewed more than 32 million times! Yes. 32 million times. 

We are almost certain that it's not just their synchronized dance moves and cute cowboy hats raking the views in. The bad boys are currently on tour and the upcoming tour dates can be viewed on their Facebook page. Their next performance is in Anaheim on September 21, San Diego on September 22 and Riverside on September 23. 

But before we show you their steaming performance, allow us to introduce this feisty grandmother from Cuba who showed that she still has what it takes when it comes to dancing. 

She was recorded swaying to the beat while preparing supper. She appeared confident throughout the performance and clearly enjoyed herself very much. 

Her grandchildren said on the Facebook that they really like her cooking "much more when done this way." They added that she has the right attitude and she enjoys every minute of being alive. Netizens also took to the comment section of the video to express their appreciation for the dancing grandmother. 

No one is going to look back on their deathbed and regret all the times they spent dancing, so seizing every moment is of the utmost importance. Do you think you can keep up with the granny?

Here are both videos. Which one do you like the most?



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