Dog Jack has the unique ability to balance anything on his nose

This amazing dog can literally balance anything on his head and it's adorable. 

Dogs are talented animals and full of surprises. This could possibly be the most talented dog ever! Jack's has astounded folks all over with his balancing act the media is lapping it up. 

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Dog balancing ball

Dog balancing ball

This Australian cattle dog from San Francisco has found a new playtime trick and he's loving it. 

Jack is three-years-old and never ceases to amaze his owners with his new found trick. He may seem like your average dog, but snap on a bow tie and he becomes a canine performer. He's become the entertainer of the family little household. 

“We never force him to do anything. He tells us when he’s tired and we listen,” his owners write.

“The balancing act started when we tried balancing a kernel of popcorn on his nose one night while watching a movie at home,” owner Nicole Lee explains. “We quickly learned he was patient enough to allow us to stack really anything on his head (as long as it’s not too heavy).”

Jack's pictures got posted on Reddit and the owners asked for ideas on what to encourage him to do next. 

Animals are all individual and have their own special talents, so you never know what talent your pet has until one-day unexpectedly, he starts balancing objects on his head without you even having to show him. 

Here's one of the many adorable photos of Jack balancing a stack of delicious biscuits on his nose. 

He surely has discipline as you'd expect any ordinary dog to gulp those biscuits up in one go and nevermind the balancing act. He is, of course, no ordinary dog. 

“Our dog is really good at balancing things on his head. Name a common household item for him to balance!”

The online request started flowing in and whatever they requested, Jack was there to balance it on his head. 

“This thread is off the Richter scale,” said another.

The more pictures that got sent in with his amazing act, the more his fandom grew and he became the coolest do on the media. 

Balancing dog

Balancing dog

This dog is indeed a talented animal and rather amusing to see his little trick. You can't help but smile when looking at his photos. 

If you love animals or have dogs of your own and would love to teach them tricks that are easy, fun and will help you and your pet bond, be sure to click this link and prepare to be amazed. It's a great way to interact with your pets and you'll both love the playtime. 

Remember to give them special treats afterward. It's motivational and they'll love you even more. 

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