Ronald Reagan's daughter Patti Davis breaks silence on her sexual assault

Patti Davis, daughter of late former President Ronald Reagan, came out with an opinion piece about her sexual assault and why her memory about it is foggy in light of recent allegations against Brett M. Kavanaugh.

Patti Davis, successful author and former first daughter of the White House, chose to share a personal memory with the world after people questioned why Christine Blasey Ford waited so long to come forward with her accusations.

Davis' rape ordeal occurred some 40 years ago and involved a prominent music executive that she leaves unnamed in her disclosure.

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Davis had been trying to promote her original songs and have them placed with artists this executive represented. They set an appointment for late in the day which she attended without concern.

One of her songs had already made it onto an Eagles album and Davis says she was hoping to make songwriting into a profitable career. 

Her memories are hazy about some of the aspects of their meeting and yet crystal clear about others. He brought out a vial of cocaine, she says, and she remembers refusing it but isn't 100% sure if she actually did.

What she does remember clearly is what he did next:

“What happened next, though, is indelible. He crossed the room. There was a dark-green carpet, but his footsteps seemed loud, hard. He was against me, on top of me — so quickly — with his hands under my skirt and his mouth on mine, that I froze.” 

While Patty can't remember what month this happened in or if there had been an assistant at the desk when she arrived, she remembers the vivid details of the assault itself like it happened yesterday: 

I lay there as he pushed himself inside me. The leather couch stuck to my skin, made noises beneath me. His breath smelled like coffee and stale bread. He didn’t use a condom. I remember leaving afterward, driving home, the night around me glittered with streetlights and alive with people out at dinner or bars. I felt alone, ashamed and disgusted with myself. Why didn’t I get out of there? Why didn’t I push him off? Why did I freeze?

She further acknowledges that, like so many other victims of abuse, she told nobody what happened that night for decades, thus further dampening everything but her core memory of the incident. 

As Brett Kavanaugh, nominee for the Supreme Court faces a sexual misconduct allegation 30 years after the alleged event, Davis says the trauma of the incident has probably wreaked havoc with Ford's memories, saying:

"Your memory snaps photos of the details that will haunt you forever, that will change your life and live under your skin. It blacks out other parts of the story that really don’t matter much."

Ford has requested an FBI investigation to fill in the blanks in her own head and to verify that the incident occurred as she remembers it. Davis says Ford's bravery and courage deserve applause, not derision.

Davis who was once dubbed the 'Reagan family's number one outcast' made headlines in the eighties and nineties for protesting her father's governmental policies. 

A recent private letter written by President Reagan to his daughter was sold with the proceeds expected to go to charity. In it, a saddened Reagan beseeched his first-born not to estrange her family.

A recent AmoMama article detailed how long Bill Cosby could expect to go to jail for after several sexual assault charges went to court and he was found guilty.

With a history of sexual assault reportedly spanning decades, Cosby could face up to 30 years behind bars and his sentencing is currently underway.

The #MeToo movement has opened up a can of worms in Hollywood, government, and everywhere else that powerful men have taken advantage of women over generations without ever expecting to have to pay for their crimes.

The list of accusers and accused gets longer every day.

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