Dentist gives embarrassed man his smile back after countless years of insecurity

An altruistic dentist from Texas is proving that every little thing we do for others matters, and that we can all help the world become a better place one act of kindness at a time, no matter our circumstance.

Even though we all know how important the work a dentist does is, even if we are completely scared of them. But we rarely think of a dentist’s work as heroic, and this man proves that his work can really make a huge difference in a person’s life.

Western Journal shared the story of Dr. Kenny Wilstead of Marshall Family Dental in Marshall, Texas, who has done charitable work to help people in need regain their confidence even when they don’t have money to pay him.

One of Wilstead most amazing selfless acts in his profession was what he did for a man named Dillon Moore, whose teeth were seriously deteriorated for years, making him ashamed to smile for a great part of his life. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

Wilstead reportedly became interested in Moore’s case when he saw his pictures in social media, noticing that the man wasn’t smiling in any of his Facebook photos. The dentist understood that behind this resistance to smiling were bad teeth.

As soon as Wilstead became aware of this, he reached out to Moore to offer to pull a rotten tooth for free, only to receive a negative answer from him, excusing himself by saying he couldn’t take time off of work.

“He completely forgot about me while an entire year went by, and then he got a tooth ache. His boss chose to send him to my office to get his tooth pulled and gave him a day off to do it,” Wilstead told Daily Mail.

Now that Wilstead had waited to do some work on Moore, he prepared a surprise for the father-of-two. When Moore finally sat on the dentist’s chair, he never expected to experience such a radical transformation.

Without Moore’s knowing, Wilstead fixed not one but all of his lucky patient’s teeth. The entire process lasted more than two hours, but when Moore put a mirror in front of himself he had a mouth full of brand-new teeth, and he didn’t have to pay a cent for it.

“I was wondering what was taking so long. I haven’t smiled since I was a kid without my hand over my face.”

-Dillon Moore, Facebook, September, 2018.

It might seem something insignificant, but giving a person his or her smile back is a life-changing present. A man Harvor Davis received such gift, and he certainly deserved. it

Davis, also from Texas, worked his way out of being a homeless person five years ago, and he never forgot what he lived in the streets, so he kept driving around town to feed the people who didn’t have anywhere to go.

His years without proper hygiene due to his situation took a toll on Davis’s dental health, and he lost many of his teeth, something that kept him from smiling for a long time.

Dr. Lee Fitzgerald wanted to reward Davis for his courage, determination, and care for others who were going through the same suffering he underwent, and he decided to fix Davis’s teeth to give him his smile back.

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