Adorable video of little puppies learning how to walk tugged at our hearts

Oct 01, 2018
03:37 P.M.
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A cute video of young French bulldogs that are too young to walk has been taking the internet by storm.


Three one-month old pooches can be seen in the clip crawling on the floor in a very adorable manner.

Seeing as they are still unable to walk because of their age, they resorted to crawling to get to and from places.

The video was taken in Chongqing City, China and has been making the rounds worldwide since it was uploaded.

Source: YouTube/ Random TV


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The three puppies, one white and two black ones, tried their hardest to get to where they wanted to go.

The first to crawl was one of the black puppies. Soon enough the two others followed suit.

Source: YouTube/ Random TV


The three of them looked very adorable as the crawled while other adult dogs walked normally around them.

Using only their two front legs to give ample support for the rest of their bodies, they dragged their hind legs and crawled around the room.

Source: YouTube/ Random TV


While the puppies in the video are unable to walk because they’re still too young, other dogs can’t walk because of several conditions.

Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog took the time to discuss some of the causes why a dog can’t walk.


The Straight Leg Shepherds Association explained that puppies born with the condition have rigid hind legs, which make it hard for the dogs to ben them normally.

While the cause of the condition remains unknown, researchers at North Carolina State University explained that the disease starts in the nervous system of the body. They suggested that it is a “neurologic mutation deformity.”


Dogs that have the condition aren’t free to move their muscles, and they are known to have deformities in their bones, particularly in their hind legs and hips.

It’s a good thing that with the help of rehab therapy, puppies with the condition can adapt well and learn to live their lives as normally as they could.

Source: YouTube/ Random TV



Dogs with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome have a unique look since their chests and abdomens appear flat while their limbs are out to the side much like a turtle.

When they walk around, puppies with the condition look as if they are paddling their limbs. They look like they are swimming. Thus, the name of the syndrome.

Like the previous condition, the cause of the Swimmer Puppy Syndrome is also unknown.

Owners are encouraged to massage their dogs and have them do exercises that will strengthen their limbs. With enough treatment, the puppies would be able to recover from the condition.



This condition hinders the nerves to communicate normally with the muscles in the puppy’s body. Such occurrence happens when a neurotransmitter compound known as acetycholine or ACh stops working.

It hinders the muscles from contracting, which results in general muscle weakness. According to the site, the condition gets worse through time. Later on, the dog will no longer be able to hold itself upright.

Myasthenia Gravis can be acquired from birth and it can also be developed by dogs later in life.

Some of the early symptoms of the condition are the weakness in the esophagus and facial muscles.