Mariah Carey's lackluster dance performance went viral

Mariah Carey is one of the world's most famous superstars, and so seeing her having a lackluster dance performance in what is supposed to be a high-energy show has got people wondering what exactly had happened. 

While performing one of her songs, she is seen in a hot pink bodysuit while in-between some male dancers dressed in white. Of course, she was meant to stand out in that formation and in that outfit, so that's exactly where the attention was. However, this backfired on the singer as during that particular song, she was supposed to dance alongside her backup dancers. 

Instead of giving it her all, Mariah was seen barely moving her hips and legs, causing people to make her go viral given her disrespect for the craft. 

In the video, her backup dancers were also seen picking her up, but she barely smiles or even moves, causing the backup dancers to struggle as she just didn't want to cooperate as she laid stiffly in their arms. 

People on the internet started calling her performance lazy, and for good reason. It wouldn't be such a good feeling spending your hard-earned money on a lackluster and half-hearted performance. Meanwhile, there are some people who chose to see the humor in it, finding it amusing. In one part of the performance, she hands over the mic to her backup dancer, and people were quick to mention that maybe she was even too lazy to hold on to the microphone. 

Carey has always been known to be a diva, so this performance should not come new. With her money and fame, she can get away with anything and no one would seem to care. She even gets away with commenting "Stop singing my part, now baby." to her own backup singers, or revealing that she was not very fond of having Nicki Minaj added to the "American Idol" judges panel, which she admitted to Barbara Walters in a past interview. 

Of course, she has not commented on what had happened, but knowing her, don't even expect a statement. 

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