Girl found after 4 years of her mysterious disappearance living with a tribe

The police have found a girl from Queensland who was missing for more than four years.

Layla Leysha was only 7 years old when everything happened. The little girl spent the weekend with her father when she disappeared in 2014. Her father, Shahrainier Eric Shem, was responsible for taking care of the child during a weekend access visit.

The Family Court issued a publication order and released details about the girl, requesting public assistance. Recently, the Australian Federal Police announced on Twitter the finding of the girl. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

The first investigations into her disappearance focused on Lismore in New South Wales, where she has a family. But Layla, who is now 11 years old, was found in an Aboriginal community about 200 kilometers from Calliope, her hometown.

According to the News Au, her family never lost hope of finding her. Finally, a relative recognized her in the aboriginal community of Woorabinda. The Australian police did not take long to corroborate the information.

At the moment, there is no explanation of how the girl could get so far from home. It is the mystery that the local police try to decipher from the strange case.

The AFP has only confirmed the rescue of Layla, but they do not give details about her health or about what has happened in recent years with the baby.

"The AFP wishes to thank the public and the media for their continued interest and support in the matter," the statement said. Layla Leisha was also seen in the city of Rockhampton in Queensland two weeks before the discovery, said The Morning Bulletin.

Some experts in child recovery warn that the child may have difficulties to return to reintegrate in their original environment. Col Chapman, was contacted by a family member last month and saw Leisha.

"She does not go to school and can barely read or write, there are real concerns for her safety and well-being," Chapman told The Morning Bulletin. Eric "Shem" Leisha claimed that Layla was being trained as part of a sanctioned pedophilia network involving the police, freemasons and several lawyers.

That is one of the theories in the case of Madeleine McCann, who disappeared from her hotel room when she was 5 years old, and now she would have turned 15 years old.

Layla's case reminds one of Seoyeon Lee, who had the opportunity to escape from, what she believes, is a Christian sect. Lee fled the church in Fiji, leaving behind her mother who cheated on her and 11 other relatives to go to the island nation.

Grace Road Church is the South Korean church based in Fiji. He has gained popularity but faces several accusations of abuse. The leader of the church, Shin Ok-Ju, was arrested in South Korea in early August.

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