Huge elephant noticed caregiver was being "attacked" and his unexpected reaction goes viral

Rebelander Basilan
Oct 22, 2018
04:44 A.M.

A female elephant named Thongsri sees her caretaker in trouble, and she cannot help but step in.


Thongsri has rapidly turned into a web sensation after a video of her rescuing her human buddy was shared online recently.

The 17-year-old elephant was at her elephant sanctuary home in Chiang Mai, Thailand when she noticed one of the laborers begins fooling around her caretaker.

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Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

As it turns out, the two were just pretending to fight to show how much Thongsri cares about her caretaker.

In the most incredible way, the huge elephant promptly acts the hero. She was determined to shield him from any potential dangers.

Source: YouTube/2Hyun Love

Source: YouTube/2Hyun Love

Thongsri looked so worried about her caretaker's well-being. The video then shows the poor animal stoop down on her knees to check everything was alright, surrounding the caretaker defensively.

Thongsri just proved that she was an excellent partner and she even has her caretaker's back in extreme circumstances.

Source: YouTube/2Hyun Love

Source: YouTube/2Hyun Love


Numerous individuals who have watched this video showed their sorrow at the way elephants have been treated by people throughout the years, in spite of their obvious ability for caring for those outside their own species.

In another instance, Kham Lha, the baby elephant at the Elephant National Park in Thailand, cherished her human mentor named Derrick very much that she isn't scared of placing herself in a threat to safeguard him.

Source: YouTube/2Hyun Love

Source: YouTube/2Hyun Love

In the YouTube clip that was shared in 2016, Derrick can be seen floating down a river.

At the point when Kham Lha saw him, she believed that he was drowning. The young elephant wasted no time and immediately sprang into action to rescue him.


According to The University of Stirling's research paper, the compassionate nature of elephants, include the following:

"When an individual has fallen over, become stuck in mud, water or other difficult terrain, or is unable to proceed forward for any other reason, other elephants may assist so that the stuck individual can resume travelling."

The paper added, "Acts used to assist mobility include picking up, pushing and pulling, using the trunk, tusks or feet. We therefore take it that elephants do indeed show certain kinds of empathy."


"Empathy can operate at a number of levels, from the simplest level of ‘contagion’, to a more sophisticated level described by de Waal (2008) as ‘sympathetic concern.' The latter is illustrated in our data by instances in which elephants offer protection and comfort to the calves of others, ‘babysit’ them or retrieve them from harm."

"The highest level of empathy de Waal describes, ‘empathic perspective taking’, is characterized by ‘targeted helping’ towards needy individuals. In our data, this was shown in several cases in which calves were helped to overcome mobility problems," the paper concluded.

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