Pathetic, desperate, sad,' Wendy Williams slams Kim Kardashian’s recent bikini selfie

Wendy Williams has been on a roll when it comes to the Kardashian-West family, making sure to throw a lot of shade their way especially now that Kanye seems to have quit social media despite being so active in the past few months. Recently, she also made sure to diss Kim Kardashian and her most recent bikini selfie, which Wendy felt was totally inappropriate. 

"Pathetic, Desperate, Sad". These are the three words used by Wendy Williams as she described Kim Kardashian's most recent bikini selfie in her talk show. The 54-year-old had a lot to say about Kim in her October 8 episode, slamming her for taking her latest Instagram selfie too far. 

Flashing a photo of the reality TV star on her show, she described how people were calling her "pathetic, desperate, and sad" in the comment section, to which she totally agreed. 

"I agree, agree and agree. This picture is so unnecessary at a time where her husband is losing all his marbles. While he’s losing it, she’s trying to distract with pictures like this…we can’t forget about Kanye, because he’s everywhere, and not in a good way.”

The photo, which featured a skimpy and ultra tiny bikini by Chanel, left very little to the imagination. Shocked with the post, Wendy couldn't help but express her dismay over a mother posting something like this on the internet, especially since she has 118 million followers on her Instagram account. 

One more thing that Wendy pointed out was the fact that Kanye West has been rather silent on social media recently, which is quite odd given his boost in social media activity in the past few months due to the release of his latest album. Now, however, he has kept his updates to a minimum, with the cause of this unknown. 

His wife has definitely been making up for his lack of updates, however, making sure that her hundreds of millions of followers are kept updated with her life, and that includes Kanye's, too. 

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