Woman leaves dog outside in freezing cold but a kind stranger steps in to provide warmth

Dogs are amazing creatures, so is not rare for pet owners to overestimate them from time to time. Like this woman, who thought her dog would be fine in low temperatures and left him outside while she was in a post office. Luckily for the pup, a man helped him endure the cold.

Source: YouTube/ SlideShow ForFun

Source: YouTube/ SlideShow ForFun

A woman thought her dog would be fine in the cold and tied him outside while she took a few minutes inside a post office. However, the temperature dropped fast, reaching the -20 degrees, and it was clear that her dog was freezing.

While the woman was probably unaware of the harsh temperature her dog was fazing, a passerby noted the dog was in need of some heat, and he acted fast to help the pooch. The man crouched down to the dog’s level and, opening his coat, put him on his lap to keep him warm.

Source: YouTube / SlideShow ForFun

Source: YouTube / SlideShow ForFun

Is clear that the dog must have been grateful for the heat, and while the story doesn’t reach that far, is easy to assume the owner found a very curious scene once she got out of the post office. Hopefully, she to the man the same kindness he showed to her dog.

Pet owners should be more conscious of their furry companion’s wellbeing. Even though sometimes dogs can be considered four-legged angels, they’re not out of this world and can suffer from frostbite too or suffer from overheating in high temperatures.


One conscious owner was kind enough to write a note for their dog in case they went missing, and when the 6-months-old pup was wandering around the streets, and a man reached for her collar, he was shocked to read what the note said.

“I am lost and looking for a home. My owner had a stroke and cannot care for me. Please don’t take me to shelter. Please find home.”

The sad story of the dog and her owner moved the good Samaritan, who contacted the animal rescue group Luvnpupz to help the puppy. The dog was temporarily named Ghost, and the organization shared its story hoping to get in touch with the owner.

They understand that this is not an ordinary case of abandonment, and want to offer their help to the owner so they can keep taking care of Ghost if they still want her.

Carri Shipaila, Luvnpupz president, said that people should feel empathy for Ghost’s owner and more people that for many reasons are no longer capable of taking care of their dogs. “People are going to look at this in a bad light: 'Oh, how could somebody do that?' Walk a day in their shoes, then understand. We don't know the circumstances, but we're here to help,” she told Fox News.

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