Viral couple celebrates dream second wedding after being mocked on social media

Aby Rivas
Oct 18, 2018
04:03 A.M.
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A couple from Detroit got mocked on the internet after they decided to have a wedding reception in the front lawn of their home. But after a local radio personality caught wind of the mockery, she decided to give the couple the wedding reception they deserved.


Laquint and Janae Rhodes’ September wedding became a viral sensation, but not precisely because people were gushing about it. Instead, some trolls, including family and friends, mocked the couple for having a low budget ceremony and reception in their home.

The couple 6-year-old was in a swimming accident the night of the reception, so they didn’t have time to check social media for a few days. However, once Janae realized what was happening, she took to Facebook to call out the haters and express her disgust for their actions.


“It's clear people will always have something negative to say about the next even when it has zero to do with them. Honestly, I'm disgusted. This is just sad,” she wrote. And added, “Anyway, back to the hospital.”


Among the supportive comments she received, Janae was contacted by local radio personality Randi Rossario from Oh So Radio, who decided to help the couple get the wedding of their dreams and asked for the help of local businesses to create the ideal second wedding reception.

For the Rhodes, the generous act came as a gush of fresh air. Even though they were married, the couple was not entirely at ease. “For about a week or two straight it was all guilt, a ball of emotions, but not happy, we couldn’t really be happy," Janae said to Fox 2 Detroit.


Between being in the hospital with their daughter, and being mocked on the internet, Janae and Laquint were “hurt, confused and sad.” But still, they didn’t regret their decision to tie the knot with the recourses they had at hand.

“Most of the time it’s about finances, it’s about the right venue, everything didn’t matter. We both woke up and were like let’s just do it,” revealed Janae of their first wedding.



Three weeks later, and with their daughter wholly recovered, the couple got the once in a lifetime opportunity of repeating their wedding. This time around, they only invited the people that were supportive and excluded those who made fun of their small ceremony, even if they were family.

Laquint and Janae were treated like a king and queen in their second wedding reception, and everyone invited made them feel special.


Janae revealed on Facebook that she gained a new friend in Randi Rossario, whom she called a “boss queen” as she expressed her sincere gratitude to the radio host. The mother of one also reflected on the past weeks of her life, giving the naysayers a lesson of humility writing:

“Like they say, & a good friend of mine reminded me, Can't have the flower without the dirt!! Seriously y'all, how else would we appreciate the good without the bad or the Light without the darkness! Let's not forget the LOVE without the hate!”


Aside from the wedding reception, the couple also got an all-expenses-paid trip to Montego Bay to celebrate their honeymoon.

Click here to see their dream wedding.


On a similar note, a famous food blogger who shared with her fans the news about her engagement was mocked for the size of her ring.

Jen Phanomrat, from New York, took to Instagram a few months ago to share the news of her engagement to boyfriend Leo Samanamud after nine years of dating. She posted an adorable photo next to the man and showing off her simple gold band featuring a pearl.


“years later, I said YES to my best friend!” she captioned the photo. And trolls didn’t spare the blogger from their vicious comments about her ring.

“If my guy ever got me a ring like that I’d smack him into next year. Just saying,” wrote one user. And another wrote: "So are we all just going to pretend like that ring isn't microscopically small?"


However, Jen was unbothered by the mean comments, as she didn’t have a place for another emotion that wasn’t happy in her life at the moment. “He knew exactly what type of ring I’d love,” she told  Yahoo Lifestyle.

“A delicate hammered gold ring with a tiny pearl. I don’t usually wear any jewelry, but when I do, it’s simple and minimal.”


Leo also added a very special detail into the ring: he asked the maker to engrave the initials of their nicknames in the inside of the band. “I swear I thought I was floating in the air when he pointed it out. My heart smiles every time I see it,” she confessed.

Love always wins despite any kind of mockery, and these two couples are the vivid example of that.